Courtney Clenney is accused of killing her boyfriend Christian Obumseli

Lawyers for Only Fans model Courtney Clenney say they have uncovered evidence supporting her claims that she acted in self-defense when she stabbed her boyfriend, Christian “Tobi” Obumseli, during an argument at their condo in April 2022. Courtney Clenney is accused of killing her boyfriend Christian Obumseli

Clenney, 26, faces a second-degree murder charge in Miami-Dade County, Florida, in the death of Obumseli. During the confrontation, Obumseli was stabbed in the chest with a knife in a downward motion that caused a fatal injury when the blade struck an artery in his chest, according to court documents.

Prosecutors said Clenney gave conflicting statements about the stabbing, even allegedly saying, “I really don’t know if this was justified at all.” Both parties agree that the relationship between Clenney and Obumseli was toxic and tumultuous. But that’s where the alignment between the parties ends. Prosecutors say Clenney was the assailant and Obumseli was the victim of domestic violence. Clenney’s lawyers say she was an abused woman.


Courtney Clenney Age

The age of Courtney Clenney is 26 years.

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Courtney Clenney accused of killing boy friend

“I think the fact that the detective on this matter didn’t arrest her for four months while they were investigating her case. It’s very revealing,” attorney Frank Prieto, who is representing Clenney along with Sabrina Puglisi, said in an interview with Law & Crime.

In announcing the charges against Clenney, the Miami-Dade County State’s Attorney’s Office released video of Clenney and Obumseli in an elevator at their condominium complex that was recorded months before Obumseli’s death. It shows the couple in the elevator and Clenney beating Obumseli.


What the media have portrayed is a snapshot in time,” said Puglisi. “If you watch the first few seconds of that video, which is cut off in most media cycles… what you see is that she actually doesn’t want him to get into the elevator to go up the stairs. There is only one key to get up to this apartment.”

Puglisi and Prieto say there are three instances they plan to use at trial that they say show Clenney was abused. “The first is in Las Vegas in 2021, where she called security and the police interviewed the security officer. And you can see it on the police officer’s body camera, he says he heard her say take your hands off her, and when they went up to her room she had clumps of hair on the floor,” Puglisi said.

Obumseli’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Clenney. The family is also suing the homeowners association, the company that manages the apartment complex and the security company for negligence. Clenney’s lawyers call the lawsuit a “money grab.”


Last week, Obumseli’s cousin and lawyers held a press conference saying there were six disturbance calls related to Obumseli and Clenney between January and March 2022. Obumseli’s family lawyers said the tenants and other people called 911 to report violence and threats and that Clenney was the culprit.

“The forensic evidence is clear that Christian was not an offender in any way and that there is an offender in this case,” said Michael Haggard, who represents Obumseli’s family. Obumseli’s family said he has suffered an unimaginable loss. “We have lost a lot beyond Toby. My aunt has never been the same. She is marked by a sadness, anger and pain that will probably never go away,” said Karen Egbuna, Obumseli’s cousin.

Prieto said the civil lawsuit probably won’t move forward until the criminal case is concluded. She said there is no question that both Clenney and Obumseli acted inappropriately during their relationship. A status conference has been set for July, but a trial date for Clenney has not yet been set. He remains behind bars without bail pending trial.Read More……


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