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Danny Barber still can’t wrap his head around the fact that his wife of 37 years, Kandice, a teacher, had s**x with a 15-year-old boy. At one point he tells me ‘she had such a beautiful aura. She was very nice. If you met her, you’d think, ‘No way.’ The next, he tries to make sense of it. ‘Was I being stupid?’ he asks. ‘I’m a man. It’s bad enough being told your wife has slept with someone else, but for her to be a boy…she completely deflates you. You look at yourself and think: ‘What have I done wrong?’

‘What goes through anyone’s mind to think that it’s okay to even look at a child like that, let alone okay…?’ Danny doesn’t finish the sentence. His disgust is written on his face. “Maybe I didn’t want to believe that my wife could do that,” he confesses. Kandice Barber was found guilty in 2021 of having sex in a field with an underage student after harassing him with sexual messages. The mother of three children had been married to Danny for five years. She supported the woman he calls Kan throughout the trial and was described as her ‘rock’.

When she was sentenced to six years in prison, he posted a photo on social media of a note attached to a Superman T-shirt that read: ‘I love you with all my heart. Be brave’, along with a caption that reads ‘always’ with emojis of kisses and love hearts. Today the couple is divorced. ‘Until you’re in that position, when it’s your wife or your husband and you’re living that life, you don’t know what you’re going to do. She was sure that she was innocent. He loved her and believed her.


‘It wasn’t just about staying with her. Kan had three children [from two previous relationships]. I’m not his father, but he was married to his mother, so he wasn’t prepared to let them tear them apart,” says Danny, who has two teenage children. But we haven’t been together since she went to jail and I haven’t seen her in almost a year. He looks at his hands. She has short and bitten nails and she is always twisting her fingers.

Danny, 40, is now blissfully happy with a new partner, Charlotte, whom he met in June of last year and who is expecting her baby in the fall. She works in healthcare and is a very supportive and warm woman. She smiles softly encouraging him to continue. ‘When I took the children to visit Kan in prison, she was smiling, bubbly and happy. Her hair was fixed. She would sit me there and feel, ‘This is wrong. You are smiling and happy in a place where we should not go to visit you.

‘She was taking antidepressants and sleeping pills because she couldn’t tune me out. She couldn’t process what was happening. She averaged two hours of sleep a night. ‘It was hard for me. Because he was next to her, people were saying, ‘It must be something familiar… he must be doing it too.’ ‘I’m not saying he would have gotten over me, but I did go through the darkest days. Kan would say that she was the one who suffered because she was in prison. I would say, ‘No, I’m in prison out here having to deal with backlash.’ I was the husband of the teacher who slept with a 15-year-old girl.


She “She was in a cell, so she didn’t have to deal with it. She just had to survive. And then…’ He takes Charlotte’s hand. ‘One night she called me and she wanted to be romantic. She didn’t want to,” she continues. ‘She got upset and festered from there. I started to see Kan differently. I started avoiding her. She would call, but she didn’t really answer. He really didn’t want to interact with her. He was still trying to believe that she was innocent. She is convinced that she is. She never wavered.

But why would this boy say that he had done those things just because? Has no sense. None of it does. Our sex life was…there was no reason for me to think she needed to go anywhere else. I didn’t suspect that something was wrong until the day the police came to our house. Danny was preparing for his job as a trainee supermarket manager in March 2019 when, at 6:30 a.m. m., police officers entered the family’s five-bedroom home in Princes Risborough, Bucks, with his wife’s keys.

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The age of Danny Barber is not clear.


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Why Danny Barber divorced wife

Kandice had been arrested on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with a student at the school where she worked as a teacher responsible for scheduling staff. “Kan had gone to work normally,” she says. ‘She gave me a kiss and said: ‘Have a nice day’. Twenty minutes later, my door opened. I got to the top of the stairs and it was the police. The children were in bed. I went to the kitchen. They said they couldn’t tell me what she was accused of. I said, because she worked at a school, it can only be one thing.

I went to pick her up. We turned around and stopped at a small parking lot. I just said: “Tell me, is it true?” She said they were lies. All lies. I said, “If you were going to trick me, we wouldn’t have survived, but why couldn’t it have been with someone your age? I wouldn’t pick you up at a police station. Potentially, you.” you’re going to prison.’ She cried.’ Danny had met Kandice four years earlier, in September 2015, on a dating site. He thought he knew her and insists that she was “so nice” and “cared about the family”. They bonded over days spent at the beach and playing crazy golf with their kids.

They married less than a year later, in August 2016. “Kan wanted to,” he says. ‘I feel like she wanted to be loved. I guess she wanted someone to protect her. Within three months of their wedding, they had moved from their South London home to be near Kandice’s mother, Dawn, in Buckinghamshire. A warm soul, Danny cleaned the house after his eight-hour shift at the grocery store and cooked the family meals. Kandice took control of her finances. He says that he just wanted to take care of her. The days and weeks after Kandice’s interrogation were almost surreal, Danny says.


“You close the door on the outside world and forget what’s going on,” he says. We were in our bubble. She was not charged for eight or nine months. She knew what was happening, of course, but she just wanted to live normally for the children. I remember that first week picking up my daughter from school. I have never seen the boy. I don’t know what he looks like. I remember looking at the guys thinking, “Would she look like that? Is that her type?” In my head I wanted to say ‘She’s innocent’, but she still had my own thoughts.’

Doubts? He nods. “I would sit looking at her sometimes thinking, ‘What’s going through your mind?’ If you are charged, you will go to court and potentially go to prison. It was surreal. One day she was sitting on the couch playing with her hair and watching TV. There was no emotion. Nothing.’ Danny was at work when his wife was eventually charged with three counts of causing or abetting a child under 16 to engage in a sexual act, one count of sexual communication with a child, one count of causing or abetting a child to engage in sexual activity while in a position of trust, and one count of causing a child to view a sexual act by a person in a position of trust.

‘When I got home he told me they were getting straws. One week before the trial began, in September 2020, we celebrated our wedding anniversary. We went out to dinner at a Turkish restaurant. She said that she was sure that she would be fine because she was innocent. The trial lasted two weeks, during which Danny testified and was forced to listen to humiliating details of his wife’s text messages, including one that read: “You have a bigger penis than my husband.”


He tried to make sense of the evidence. The affair between the teacher and the teenager apparently began shortly after he and Kandice returned from a wonderful family vacation in Cyprus and continued after she lost the baby they had been looking for in an ectopic pregnancy.

The boy claimed that Kandice had told him that she was pregnant with her child, not her husband. “To this day she is convinced that she was mine,” says Danny. Kandice was convicted of two counts of sex crimes related to sending topless images and a Snapchat video, but the jury was unable to reach verdicts on charges of causing or inciting a child under 16 to engage in an act. sexual. A new trial was scheduled for January when she was found guilty of taking the underage boy into a field and having full sexual intercourse with him. She was granted bail for one last night of freedom.

“He was emotionally drained and scared for her because he knew what was going on the next day. I made spaghetti bolognese and my brother-in-law came. He showered, then talked to the children individually and went to bed. I thought she would be up all night, but she fell asleep. She was in and out of the dream. I remember seeing her thinking, “Tomorrow night, you’ll be in a prison cell far from this luxury: a queen-size bed with a bathroom. Tomorrow will be completely different. When will I see you again?”


There’s also a part of you that thinks, “You’ve been convicted of sleeping with a child. I’m embarrassed. I married you, gave you my last name, and you’ve embarrassed him in the darkest way possible.” ‘ A month later Danny’s stepfather died, followed in August by his sister. He was devastated. “Sometimes you have to go through the darker days to find out that there are actually brighter days,” he says. ‘My best friends have been very supportive; without them, I don’t know where he would have been.

‘The only person who should have been there for me, my wife, was in prison. It was like we were apart. All I did was work and go to bed. I wanted to live my life. He started talking to a girl online “who made me feel better about myself,” he says. When Kan found out, he said that she had broken his heart and destroyed the marriage. I said: “Have I destroyed it? You are not in prison, but I?” She filed for divorce. We both wanted it. I wanted it all to go away.

He and Charlotte met in June of last year. I didn’t tell him about Kan for six weeks out of embarrassment. How do you say to someone, “By the way, honey, I’m married but my wife is in jail because she got six years for having sex with a child”? Danny last saw his wife in January when he returned to the house they once shared to collect some possessions. Kandice had begun spending weekends at home on temporary release from prison, a process designed to help reintegrate inmates before they are released from prison.


She works as a security guard at a construction site and expects to be released from jail early next year, after half of her sentence has been served. “I started to process things and see things differently,” Danny says, holding Charlotte’s hand. She is expecting a baby that they plan to name Leo. ‘If any teacher ever touched my son, I would want justice. I think all parents would say the same. I wish there was a way to find out what Kan really did. It doesn’t make sense and she never will.

“Even if 30 years from now he found me, apologized and told me the truth, I wish he would.” It’s the not knowing that’s so hard. He pauses. Although the fact that he says I don’t know if he’s innocent probably says it all.Read More……

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