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David Malcom was a 26-year-old student at Cornell when he was killed while working at a Red Cross center in Ithaca, New York, back in 1987. Now, more than three decades later, police say they have finally determined who was responsible for the cold case murder. On Friday, police in upstate New York announced that with the help of DNA evidence, they discovered the identity of the killer and that justice will remain elusive because the killer died in 2019.

Malcom was stabbed to death on February 12, 1987, while working at the Red Cross Emergency Shelter on West Court Street, the Ithaca Police Department said. Officers immediately zeroed in on a male co-worker as their prime suspect. However, the case went cold in 1988 and was continuously investigated until it was shelved in 2010, according to a report by Elmira, New York-based NBC affiliate WETM.

In September 2015, the investigation began again, using a combination of “DNA and investigative leads” in search of some finality. By May 2016, more than 100 leads were used in the investigation and multiple witnesses were interviewed in multiple states, the IPD told The Post-Standard of Syracuse.


Last week, the lengthy and perplexing case was resolved, the IPD said. The killer was the ex-boyfriend of a teenage girl who had sought help at the Red Cross Emergency Center the day before the victim’s body was found, the day Malcom had worked a 24-hour shift.

David W. Malcom Age

The age of David W. Malcom was 26 at the time of murder

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David W. Malcom was killed in 1987

The girl sought refuge at the shelter after a domestic incident in the town of Newfield, the IPD said, because she wanted help getting away from her ex-boyfriend, the Ithaca Times reports.


The ex-boyfriend showed up at the Red Cross after the girl arrived and demanded to know where she was. Malcom, who was there at the time, refused to give the ex-boyfriend any information, police said, and was killed as he shielded the girl from harm.

“Malcom’s heroic actions in not disclosing the whereabouts of the young teen sadly cost him his life,” police said Friday. “Her death of him caused Malcom’s family and friends grief over his tragic death and not knowing why and by whom he was killed.” In 1987, one of the victim’s friends recalled the man she knew, loved, and lost all too soon in comments to The Post-Standard.

“The sheer sweetness of the man made him very special. He also had a wonderful sense of humor,” Nina Miller told the newspaper after his death. “He was the best that young people can be. He was idealistic, sensitive, warm, very bright. He was a wonderful role model for the children. He was really wise beyond his age.”


Federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies have assisted with the investigation over the past seven years, police said. Ithaca Deputy Police Chief Vincent Monticello recently met with Malcom’s family and apologized for not solving the case sooner, according to a news release obtained by several local news outlets.

“Many of the tools, training, and resources used to solve homicides today were not available to investigators in 1987,” the IPD wrote in the statement. “This was a challenging case for investigators in 1987 who were working on the case with limited resources.”Read More……



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