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A married Scottish teacher is facing dismissal for an alleged 18-month affair with a schoolgirl, in which the couple reportedly used disposable phones to arrange illicit meetings that included sneaking into car parks and Travelodges for sex. Dr Iain David Bryant was teaching chemistry at Levenmouth Academy in Leven, Fife, when it is alleged that he began an illicit date with the student, known simply as Student A, in October 2017.

The teacher, known as David among friends and colleagues, allegedly kissed the unidentified student, who was under 18 at the time, after she reached out to him when she was having a difficult time at school. This initial kiss allegedly developed further, and it has been claimed that they began a full sexual relationship after she turned 18 and would sneak out to desolate parking lots for “oral sex and foreplay”.

The 55-year-old is currently involved in a five-day hearing in front of the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) watchdog body, although he opted not to attend the first day on Monday May 1. Bryant faces eight indictments in all and, if convicted, he will be struck from the teaching record.


The myriad of accusations Bryant faces include kissing and touching the girl in a school lab and giving her a mobile phone and setting up a code word for the pair to communicate. As the relationship developed after the girl turned 18, it was claimed that Bryant met with her several times a week, where they were sexually active.

Dr Iain David Bryant Age

The age of Dr Iain David Bryant is 55 years.

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Dr Iain David Bryant had affair with student

Bryant, who now works as a celebrant, allegedly met the student at a nearby Travelodge after her 18th birthday, where it is claimed the pair had sex. And according to the student, this followed a series of secret meetings in desolate parking lots and garages where they engaged in oral sex and foreplay.


During the hearing, the three-person panel for the GTCS heard from Levenmouth Academy Principal Ronnie Ross who claimed he discovered hidden notes that were passed between the couple following Bryant’s 2019 suspension. Ross also claimed that he found a number of “trinkets and a soft toy” that were exchanged as gifts between Bryant and the girl.

Giving testimony on Tuesday May 2, Mr Ross said: “There was trinkets, a small stuffed toy and I saw some messages being kept next to the items, it was a large cupboard behind the learning wall.” GTCS presenting officer Lauren Doherty asked the director if the notes revealed much about the alleged relationship, but Mr. Ross refuted the claim.

Instead, he told the panel how they were ‘superficial’, saying: ‘The notes were just private correspondence between the student and the staff member, nothing that was shocking, but the fact that there were little notes and student A had said a teacher that when they received the gifts and when they were exchanged.


“There was love and kissing, no suggestion of sexual relations, more superficial things were said. You thought, “My God, they shouldn’t have done that.” The panel also heard from Dean Hendry, Levenmouth’s leading history and modern studies teacher, who spoke about how he learned of the rumored romance between the couple after a school trip.

Mr Hendry said yesterday: ‘It was a Higher Modern Studies tour to the Parliament building in Edinburgh, it was in relation to the gossip they had heard on the day of the Modern Studies tour to the Scottish Parliament. ‘[I was told] at the end of the school day around 4 p.m. when they returned from the school trip.

“[Teachers] Steve Davies and Laura Barrowman were having lunch and the students were having lunch and they said that the students behind them [were] talking about teachers they liked and at one point they heard that a student was in a relationship with a teacher in Buckhaven. “They were playing with their ears, listening in on conversations they weren’t really meant to be a part of. “I can’t confirm if that was the word used, relationship or affair, but it was in that sense.”


The 23-year-old told GTCS: ‘A month after [we first kissed], he bought a prepaid phone so we could talk over the Christmas holidays. ‘At first only I trusted him, after the kiss he went from there, he would pick me up from school and we would go by car and talk. It was mostly mutual, I wouldn’t put my all into it, we didn’t sleep together until March 2018 when I turned 18.

“From the beginning he told his wife that he had things on for us to meet, when we got together he was always in secret and in the car. He had keys to a second house, I think it was his wife’s cousin’s house, so we started meeting there.’ The audience heard that the illicit relationship saw the pair kissing and touching each other in a science lab at Levenmouth Academy, as well as meeting up for car stunts outside East Fife FC’s Bayview Stadium.

Pupil A also revealed that the couple began a full-blown sexual relationship at a Travelodge in Glenrothes, Fife, but this happened after she had turned 18.  Student A said, “There was a lot more oral sex and foreplay before we slept together.” I had never been in a relationship like this before so it was all very new to me and I was hesitant at first.


‘There’s a local soccer field in Bayview and there’s a rubble lot that’s used as a parking lot, so we’d use it a lot.  ‘[We had sex] at the local travel hotel in Glenrothes. “I think we chose it because it was more comfortable than a car seat and the local Travelodge is only a five minute drive for me, but far enough from where you’re staying that you don’t get caught.”Read More……

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