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An 18-year-old Arizona girl who had been declared missing for four years before turning up in Montana last month has moved out of the apartment she was living in and taken up with a 36-year-old man. Navarro left with a man identified by neighbors as Eddy Davis, 36, who worked the night shift at a local Walmart store before he was laid off several months ago, a former coworker told The New York. Post.

Davis’s relatives helped Navarro and Davis with their belongings and then drove off in several cars. There is no indication that Davis was involved in his initial disappearance. “Alicia is an adult, so it will be her decision whether or not to stay in Montana, return to Arizona or go elsewhere, regardless of the investigation,” Havre police spokeswoman Gina Winn said in an email. to the charge. It comes after Navarro walked into a police station in Havre, Montana, on July 23 and said she no longer wanted to be declared missing because she wanted a driver’s license.

Her mother, Jessica Núñez, had led the search for the past four years: Navarro was 14 when she left her home in Glendale, Arizona, on September 15, 2019, and her mother described her as a highly-functioning autistic girl, who she she was afraid she had run off with someone she met online.


Montana police have said that Navarro, as an adult, cannot be forced to return to her mother, and Navarro was seen cleaning the apartment where she had been living Monday night. It was unclear where Navarro had been for the past four years and how she had survived. The boyish-looking 18-year-old told police in Montana that “nobody hurt me.”

Neighbors have now described how the FBI quickly surrounded Navarro’s building before finally entering with armed officers on July 23, describing how a distraught Navarro appeared “very young.” The police department is now continuing to investigate Navarro’s disappearance, as it is unclear how the teen traveled alone more than 1,000 miles to a small town on the Canadian border to identify herself to police.

Eddy Davis Age

The age of Eddy Davis is 36 year.


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What happened to Eddy Davis

The situation remains under investigation, but authorities confirmed that Navarro was uninjured and did not require medical attention when she approached police. On Sunday night, Navarro’s mother pleaded with Internet detectives to back down on their investigations of her and the harassment of her family that has put her “safety in jeopardy.”

In an emotional Facebook video, Jessica Núñez pleaded with the public to “move on,” even as questions remain about the disappearance of her daughter. The distraught mother warned in the video how the “search for answers has become dangerous,” claiming that she and her family have been targeted since her daughter’s revival.

“I have been harassed, my family has been attacked all over the internet, the public has gone from trying to help Alicia to doing things like trying to show up at her house and endangering her safety,” Núñez said. “So I beg you, please, no more TikToks, no more contacting Alicia or me with her speculations, questions or assumptions. This is not a movie, this is our life, this is my daughter.’ On Monday, police told they had nothing new to add about the status of the investigation.


Addressing the public, Núñez expressed her gratitude for all those who have supported her since her daughter disappeared in 2019. “She could never have moved on without all of her love, help and well wishes from her,” she said through tears. ‘I can’t even put into words the amount of gratitude I have for all of you.

“But now that we know Alicia is alive, I have one more favor to ask of you,” she continued. ‘I know you want answers, and so do I, but the public’s search for answers has taken a dangerous turn. I love her more than anything in the world, and I think I’ve shown it to you. She turned to the internet detectives who were investigating the case and pleaded with them not to focus on the family while the police did their job.

“There is an ongoing investigation and I urge you to go ahead with it,” she added. Núñez captioned the video: ‘Let’s focus [on the fact] that my daughter is alive. This is a miracle.’ Navarro, who has been described as having high-functioning autism, was just 14 years old when he ran away from his home in Glendale, Arizona, in September 2019.


He left her mother a handwritten note in her bedroom that said: ‘I ran away. I’ll be back, I swear. I’m sorry.’ His disappearance prompted a massive search that included the FBI. Police spokesman José Santiago said that over the years, police had received thousands of tips.

After hearing the news that an 18-year-old identified herself as the missing teen, Glendale police said she immediately responded to the Montana city. Officers said they verified Navarro’s identity and that she has been extremely cooperative with authorities. “I can’t even begin to tell you how much pride I personally feel in the men and women here in our police department,” Santiago said.

“Since her disappearance, our men and women here have been working tirelessly around the clock to not only bring this family together, but also to make sure Alicia gets everything she possibly needs.” He added that Navarro “seems by all accounts to be in a good mood” and “really just wants to get on with her life.” “She is very apologetic for what she has put her mother through.


“And she understands that she has caused her mother a lot of pain, and she was unintentional on her behalf, and she is hopeful that they can have a relationship.” Since then, Navarro has had a brief video call with her mother, said Trent Steele, president of the Anti-Predator Project. ‘They have their own healing journey to go on. They have things to do first,’ Steele said.

She is safe. I hope people will wait for the facts of the case before making their assumptions. Over the years, Núñez has partnered with various private investigative services, put up billboards, appeared on television shows and used social media in her efforts to find her daughter.

She suspected that Alicia may have been kidnapped by someone she met while playing online. “I am more than 90 percent sure that my daughter met this person online,” she stated at the time. Her mother said that her daughter was quite a cautious person, so it would have been unusual for her to be easily fooled.


“Knowing my daughter’s personality, I don’t think she would have fallen for that,” Nunez said. “This person probably took a while to be able to gain [his/her] trust from her.” But Glendale police never found evidence of an abduction and told a news conference last week that Navarro could come and go as she pleased. She does not face any criminal charges, they added. “She’s not in any kind of trouble,” Santiago said.Read More……….

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