Texas cops hunt for a woman who gave birth in a gas station

Texas police released video footage of a woman they believe gave birth in a Houston gas station bathroom, then left the newborn there to die and ran away earlier this year. The incident dates back to the early hours of April 2 at a Shell station on South Post Oak Road. A customer found the baby in the bathroom around 4:30 a.m. m. and called the paramedics. The girl was dead when Houston Fire Department paramedics arrived on the scene. Texas cops hunt for a woman who gave birth in a gas station restroom and left her baby for dead.

Police have yet to find her mother and have released video of the woman they believe is the suspect entering the gas station before driving off in a white Cadillac. The redacted video shows the suspect, who police only identified as a Hispanic woman, getting out of the car at one of the gas pumps before entering the station. Her face can be clearly seen when zoomed in as she enters a convenience store before she gets back into the Cadillac and drives off.

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Texas cops hunt for a woman who gave birth in a gas station restroom

The video does not show her entering or leaving the gas station bathroom, but police have said that she is the ‘person of interest, believed to be the mother of the baby’. However, they have clarified that they are still not entirely sure outside of the status of the woman on camera as a suspect. “We really don’t know what the circumstances are or who she is in relation to the baby,” a spokesperson told Law & Crime.


Police said the woman was in that bathroom for “about 15 minutes” before leaving, and the baby was found an hour later. They noted that this occurred early on a Sunday morning, which meant there were few people around to investigate the situation or even use the bathroom. “No one else went into that bathroom, and [the newborn] wasn’t there when he went in earlier,” Houston Detective Caleb Browning said. Bowling added that multiple witness statements and videos that have not been made public support that information.

Houston police don’t know if the baby was born or died after her mother gave birth, but said she had been dead for some time before she was discovered. No one has been charged in the case as of Tuesday and there are no charges pending. Investigators in Harris County are still trying to determine the baby’s cause of death, and the county’s institute of forensic sciences is still in the middle of an investigation.

Browning said police have exhausted “all other investigative techniques” and are now trying to appeal to the suspect to turn herself in. “It looks like she gave birth in the bathroom,” Browning said during a news conference. “I would like to let her know that we just want to talk to her, we just want to get more information, we want to be able to give some answers to the situation. It is tragic that she has developed the way she has.Read More……..


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