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A Florida woman who was arrested in Miami Beach over the weekend after claiming to be an Egyptian god was unaffected by a stun gun and required four police officers to hold her down.

Officers were summoned after reports of a disturbance along Espanola Way and Washington Avenue on Sunday afternoon, December 11, which is when the bizarre incident occurred.

The arrest report states that 26-year-old Emily Thomas Lochten stopped in the middle of the road, got out and began yelling. Before going to a nearby Cuban restaurant, she allegedly grew angrier and hit the hoods of passing cars, according to the police report cited by local news station WPLG.


Officers said Lochten, of Boynton Beach, Florida, pounded tables and threw plates and drinks at customers before slapping the restaurant manager’s hand when she asked him to leave her.

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Emily Thomas Age

The age of Emily Thomas is 26 years.

Emily Thomas, Arrested after claiming to be an Egyptian god

She allegedly became even more “aggressive and hostile” and punched an officer in the face when police tried to stop her. She tried to elude a second police officer by aiming a blow at him, which she managed to avoid, according to the report; the officer tasered her but failed to stun her.

According to her arrest description, she displayed “unusual strength” that may have been caused by “an unknown substance.”


She had to be confined to a stretcher pulled from a fire truck, and it apparently took several police officers to finally overpower her and handcuff her.

She was allegedly yelling that she was a descendant of the late rapper Tupac Shakur and “an ancient Egyptian God who could take on all of us,” according to police.

She then was taken to Mount Sinai Medical Center for evaluation of her. In a strange coincidence, Mount Sinai is the name of the Egyptian mountain where Moses is said to have received the 10 commandments from God.


The suspect was later taken to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center after being cleared by doctors. She is charged with assaulting a police officer, assaulting a police officer, resisting an officer with violence, disorderly behavior, and resisting an officer without violence. She was being held on a $10,000 bond. Read More


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