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An accused serial killer nurse attempted to murder a 15-week-old premature girl by force-feeding her a “massive” amount of milk through a nasal tube, a court heard.

Lucy Letby is currently on trial for allegedly killing five boys and two girls and attempting to murder five boys and five girls between June 2015 and June 2016.

Letby reportedly attempted to murder the baby, known simply as Child G, in the neonatal ward of the Countess of Chester Hospital in 2015, the BBC reported.


Dr Stephen Breary, who was the on-call consultant in the neonatal unit at the time, took the stand at Manchester Crown Court on December 13 and testified that Boy G had been “on the mend” and was “stable.”

“September 6. At 3:30 am on September 7, he was called urgently to the unit because the baby had “very large projectile vomit” that landed on the floor and a chair next to her crib. “This was not something he had witnessed before,” Dr. Breary testified.

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Lucy Letby,  An accused serial killer nurse

Following Dr. Breary’s testimony, the prosecution alleged that Letby introduced air into the same nasogastric tube or overfed Child G with milk through the tube.

Medical expert Dr Dewi Evans, who was approached by the National Crime Agency to review the case in 2017, also told the court it was “shocking” that such a small and premature baby would vomit as heavily as Child did. G. “For a 2kg baby to vomit so far away is quite remarkable.


Even more astonishing is the vomit that ends up in the chair. That’s several feet away,” Dr Dewi said, according to the BBC. “I can’t remember a baby throwing up on the ground. I can’t remember a baby throwing up at that distance. It was correctly described as extraordinary.”

Citing medical reports, Dr. Evans suggested that Child G “had received much more milk” than prescribed through his nasal tube. He also noted that overcharging involved “intent to harm” and “cannot happen accidentally.”

The court was previously told that after the baby started vomiting, her health deteriorated rapidly and she was forced to put him on a ventilator. Child G ultimately survived, but was left with severe brain damage and disabilities, including quadriplegic cerebral palsy.


Letby was originally arrested in 2018 on charges of killing eight babies while working at Chester Hospital. Earlier in the trial, prosecutors informed jurors of Post-It notes discovered at Letby’s home in which she wrote that she was “evil” and that she “killed them on purpose.”

Initially, Letby was charged with 22 counts related to the murders. However, she denied all the accusations. Read More

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