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An Iowa woman vacationing in the Bahamas lost her leg after being savagely attacked by a shark and nearly bled to death at the end of a scuba diving excursion. Heidi Ernst, 73, was snorkeling off Taino Beach on June 7 when a shark grabbed her left calf.

The attack occurred when Ernst, an expert diver who had just completed her 500th dive in May, was standing on a ladder to get back to the boat.Ernst told Iowa news station KCCI that she could see the predator flailing around in the water and she slapped it with her hand to scare it off.

As soon as she returned to the boat, Ernst said that she knew her leg could not be saved. “There was blood everywhere,” she recounted in a separate interview with The Gazette from her hospital bed in Miami. “I was dying. I was going to bleed to death. I was afraid of dying and I suffered a lot.”


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The age of Heidi Ernst 73 years.

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Heidi Ernst lost in Shark attack

A crew member administered first aid to the critically injured woman by tying a tourniquet around her leg that “prevented her from bleeding to death,” according to a GoFundMe page. After stabilizing her, Ernst was taken to Rand Memorial Hospital, before being transported by air ambulance to the Jackson Ryder Trauma Center in Miami, where doctors were forced to amputate her leg due to the extent of the injury and the high risk of infection.

“I made the decision with the surgeon to remove my leg,” said Ernst, who has worked as a physical therapist for nearly four decades. “It was evident that she could not be saved.” “So I said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s just amputate,'” she added. Ernst said she has been diving off the coast of Grand Bahama Island for 11 years and she has never been afraid of sharks.


“They have not shown any aggressive behavior towards the divers,” Ernst told The Gazette. “They swim around us. We take photos of them. They do not threaten us… I have never felt any danger”. Ernst’s Facebook page is full of photos capturing her underwater adventures, including multiple encounters with huge sharks.

Ernst said she doesn’t blame the shark that bit her, and that she has no plans to turn her back on diving, which he called her “biggest passion.” “I don’t think this will stop me,” he said. The recently widowed woman has now undergone six surgeries, the latest on Thursday to close her stump.Read More……

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