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A California teacher, who was recently charged with felony domestic violence, was reported missing after he went on a field trip to Washington and never returned. Hunter Fraser a professor of biology at Stanford University, was scheduled to appear in California court on June 9 for a preliminary hearing in a criminal case in which he faces a felony charge of domestic violence, KRON4 reported.

On July 4, 2022, Fraser allegedly threw his girlfriend to the ground and closed a door on her chest while he was playing with her daughter, the outlet reported. An officer observed a “large strip of redness with the imprint of a door handle on [the woman’s] skin,” according to a police report according to the Stanford Daily. The woman allegedly suffered two broken ribs.

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The age of Hunter Fraser is not declared.


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Hunter Fraser went missing

Fraser, 44, was initially charged with a misdemeanor after his arrest last September, but the charges were upgraded to a felony when the district attorney’s office obtained evidence of the woman’s injuries. She went on a 2-day, 40-mile hiking trip in Washington’s Olympic National Park on June 5 and was reported missing when park rangers notified the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office of a late hiker on June 7. June.

Police described Fraser as an “extremely skilled solo hiker” and began a search where he parked his car on the Deer Ridge Trailhead, which is considered a difficult hike, the Washington Trail Association said. The exact route the professor took is unknown, making things difficult for rescue teams. Fraser was last heard from Tuesday morning when he sent a text message to his family.

Several search-and-rescue teams from the park and local police departments, including dogs, were dispatched to the area, but the National Park Service noted that “uptown Olympic National Park is still heavily covered in snow.” Fraser has denied all the accusations against him and says that he never faced any such accusations.


“While I cannot go into details here while the case is pending, I want you to know that the allegations against me are not true,” Fraser wrote in an email, obtained by The Stanford Daily, to his lab, the Fraser Laboratory. “At no point in my career or personal life has anyone made such an allegation or accusation against me before. This whole thing has been incredibly jarring.” Fraser said the current situation makes it hard for people to believe him and they should wait for him to finish the court process before trying him.

“In our current cultural moment, I realize that my words can generate skepticism, but they are the truth,” he added, “they allow the process to be fully completed before reaching any conclusions.” Fraser’s sister, Whitney, provided updates that included certain areas of interest in the search, and asked people with information to call the sheriff’s office. Another court date is scheduled for June 28, according to court records seen by The Post.Read More…….

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