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A Virginia father of four was accused of killing one of his children and reporting the boy missing seven months later. But the case, thus far, has been marked in series by various bits of controversy. Cory Jamar Bigsby, 44, is charged with one count of felony manslaughter and unlawful transportation or concealment of a body to avoid detection for the alleged June 2021 murder of 4-year-old Codi Bigsby, a two-page indictment revised by Law&Crime notes

On the last day of January 2022, Cory Bigsby called the Hampton Police Department around 9 am. m. to report that his son had disappeared and that they had last seen him about seven hours before. A massive community-wide effort to locate the boy ensued, and Codi Bigsby’s disappearance became a sustained cause that galvanized the area; FBI agents even assisted in the search, but to no avail.

On February 2, 2022, police announced that the boy’s father was the only person of interest in the case. The next day, evidence was removed from Bigsby’s home and the defendant was arrested on seven counts of child neglect unrelated to the disappearance of his son, according to Norfolk-based CBS affiliate WTKR.


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The age of Cory Bigsby is 44 years.

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Police allege that Cory Bigsby admitted to often leaving his young children, all under the age of 6, alone in the family’s Buckroe Beach home for hours, saying the children were simply too heavy to carry with him. Those initial child neglect charges have risen substantially since they were arrested more than a year ago. He now faces 30 such charges, including charges related to child abuse and medical malpractice.

The defendant’s time in custody, however, has proven to be a black eye for law enforcement in the circumstantial murder case. On Valentine’s Day 2022, after then-defense attorney Jeff Ambrose revealed that police unconstitutionally denied Cory Bigsby a requested attorney when he involuntarily held him for four days during the beginning of the investigation.


Then-Hampton Police Chief Mark Talbot admitted the officers’ failings in that regard, noting that during a heated argument with a detective, the defendant twice asked for a lawyer and was twice illegally reprimanded, WTKR reported. “We have our own obligation here. Quite frankly, we didn’t deliver,” said Talbot, who now heads the Norfolk Police Department. “My assessment is that his wishes should have been followed; They were not.

In April 2022, Ambrose withdrew from the case, citing that “an ethical conflict has arisen that prevents further representation.” Later that month, Amina Matheny-Willard took over as lead defense attorney. He immediately filed a cease and desist letter calling on Talbot to retract previous public statements in the case, accusing police of obstructing justice and contaminating the potential jury pool and making comments that jeopardized the life of the Bigsby family. Days later, the city and Talbot responded, refusing to retract any statement, denying the allegations, and refusing to apologize.

Cory Bigsby has been denied bail in the child neglect case at least five times. An original court date of November 2022 on those charges has been overturned multiple times. Statements by the defendant made when he was unconstitutionally denied counsel will likely still be used against him, a judge has ruled. During a court appearance in March, he was found mentally unfit to stand trial, after previous mental competence assessments showed mixed results.


According to the Daily Press, a mysterious statement from the defendant in jail is potentially the source of both the murder charge and the defense request, so far successful, for a mental competency evaluation, treatment and concomitant pause in trial. Matheny-Willard previously said prosecutors intentionally took their time providing a transcript of the comments to the defense. The state, through Hampton Commonwealth attorney Anton Bell, says they did nothing wrong because the comments were related to the murder investigation and not the existing child abuse and neglect allegations.

“The news is not a surprise to me,” he told WTKR on Friday. “I hope today begins the healing process for the family and for those of us who find ourselves grieving for a child we never knew.” A hearing is scheduled for June 14 to assess the effectiveness of Cory Bigsby’s mental health treatment regimen at Eastern State Hospital.Read More……

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