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A gas station attendant Moad Mohamed Al-Gaham allegedly kicked his customer out of his store, pointed a gun at his forehead through the closed doors, and fired a shot through the glass, striking him in the forehead and killing him, over a package of jerky. Prosecutors said the clerk became irate when the customer pocketed the jerky and took matters into his own hands, pulling it out of the man’s pocket and putting it back on the shelf. When the customer tried to pay it, the clerk refused to accept the money from him. It all happened early Monday morning at a Mobile gas station in Detroit.

The employee, Moad Mohamed Al-Gaham, 40, is charged with first-degree murder and felony firearms violation in the slaying of unarmed 25-year-old Anthony McNary, prosecutors said. Detroit police officers were dispatched to the gas station convenience store at 3:14 a.m. when a shooting was reported. Once there, officers found McNary lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to the forehead. McNary died at a hospital.

The slaying came less than a month after another similar incident, for a disallowed $4 charge, at another Detroit gas station, the second time in recent weeks that police officers have shut down a gas station where a car crash occurred. homicide because it had been operating without a license, Detroit Police Chief James White said during a briefing outside the shuttered business Monday, the Detroit News reported.


Moad Mohamed Al-Gaham Age

The age of Moad Mohamed Al-Gaham is 40 years.

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“If you had told me that two cases involving gas stations, early morning hours, locked doors and shootings would occur here in Detroit in the span of a month, I would not have believed it,” said Wayne County Attorney Kym Worthy. , in comments broadcast on Detroit’s NBC affiliate WDIV. “He held it in the direct line of the defendant’s forehead, directly in the middle of the forehead, and then fatally shot him.” Al-Gaham was prosecuted and sent to jail. A probable cause conference is scheduled for June 22 and a preliminary examination is scheduled for June 29. The earlier shooting at the gas station occurred after a dispute over a $4 purchase in the predawn hours of May 6.

In that incident, clerk Al-Hassan Aiyash, 22, locked customers inside his store after Samuel Anthony McCray refused a $4 purchase, and McCray tried to leave with unpurchased items, the authorities said. authorities. The three unsuspecting patrons repeatedly begged Aiyash to let them out, kicking, pushing and pulling on doors, and offering to pay for the iced tea and donuts McCray tried to get out with, the Detroit Free Press reported. But McCray stirred, argued with Aiyash, and pulled out a gun.


Unbeknownst to the three men, Aiyash pressed a security button to open the door but did not tell the men seconds before McCray allegedly began shooting at them, killing Gregory Kelly and wounding the other two patrons, the reports said. authorities. Kelly died at the scene. McCray was charged May 10 with first-degree murder, two counts of assault with intent to murder and three counts of felony firearm and felony in possession of a firearm. He has pleaded not guilty.

Aiyash was charged with manslaughter. Prosecutors alleged that he caused the death by committing an act of gross negligence by “intentionally closing the door to the only available exit and preventing Mr. Kelly from escaping a dangerous situation in which a customer threatened to commit an act of violence.” . “The allegations that the defendant locked the store door and ignored the men’s pleas to be released had tragic consequences in this case,” Worthy said. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

An attorney for Aiyash, Jamil Khuja, told the Detroit Free Press that the charge against his client is a reach of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office and Detroit police. “His theory of him is to hold him accountable, criminally responsible for the intentional crime committed by another person whom he doesn’t know,” Khuja said. “I had never seen this before. “He only worked there as an employee to help support his family. He was doing his job. He panicked and maybe acted inappropriately in some way, maybe? But that’s the best they (prosecutors) can argue here.


One of the other clients filed a lawsuit in the case, alleging negligence. “Locking three innocent people inside a building with a person threatening to shoot them for $4 shows a complete disregard for human life over profit,” the client’s attorney, James Harrington, said in a statement, Houston reported ABC13. “This store clerk was obviously trained to lock the door and protect gas station assets at all costs.”Read More…..

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