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MANHATTAN, NEW YORK — Irena Mausner is a Holocaust survivor has claimed her son stole nearly $2 million in cash and stock from her and attempted to steal millions of dollars worth of her California property. Irene Mausner who is also recovering from a stroke and colon cancer, has built a $5 million portfolio of stocks, cash, investments and real estate with her late husband Jack Mausner.

Irene Mausner a retired Manhattan prosthodontist, was 3 years old at the start of World War II. The woman, now 87, hid in a convent in Warsaw, Poland, to survive the Holocaust. The cash and stock portfolio she built was with her husband, who worked as a Chanel executive and died in 2014.

Her 62-year-old son, Ian O Mausner, was left in charge of managing her wealth. However, his lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court explained that her son engaged in “a series of thefts, frauds and deceptions” and described his conduct as “unlawful and nothing short of scandalous.” Irena has sought unspecified damages from Ian in her lawsuit. reported the New York Post.


Irena Mausner Age

The age of Irena Mausner is 87 years.

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Irena Mausner’ net worth

Ian, who is listed as a philanthropist, belongs to Wall Street and is the author of a book on divorce. According to the lawsuit, on the deeds to a $2.4 million mansion in Carlsbad and a $2.2 million apartment in San Diego, which he and his mother jointly owned, he later falsified his name and he took sole control. in his attempt to sell the properties without her knowledge. according to the New York Post.

To a Robinhood investment account, Mausner allegedly transferred $1.7 million worth of his mother’s estate to his name while providing his mother with false documents and proving the funds were still under Irena’s control. . The transfer of money occurred from 2018 to 2022, the lawsuit claimed from him.


Ian is also accused of selling Irena’s shares in Colgate-Palmolive and stealing $50,000. From her retirement account, he stole $50,000 and, according to court documents, took credit card charges of more than $13,000 for movies, vacation home rentals and California Closets and also stole $7,000 from long-term insurance on Irena.

According to his legal filing, Ian lashed out at his mother after he was accused of the allegations, allegedly telling her that she was the one being “truly reprehensible and unforgivable.” and he also made cruel statements about her struggle in her life, as he said, “You asked me why God has done this to you…and maybe now we know why.” she claimed in the lawsuit.

“His actions have grown more concerning as time has passed, including a series of robberies, frauds and deceptions, combined with his confrontation with his elderly mother while in a medical rehab center and threatening his sister,” the statement read. the demand.


Ion the former financial and capital management adviser, was also previously accused of wrongdoing in 2013 when he applied when confronted by the Securities and Exchange Commission over allegedly engaging in a selective selection scheme. Irena claimed that she had to shell out $670,000 later.

Denying his mother’s accusations, Ian blamed his brother for the strained relationship with his mother stemming from his sister’s jealousy. Speaking to the New York Post, Ian said: “It’s a very sad story. It’s not entirely true,” adding that the break with his mother came after his sister allegedly convinced her to hand over her power of attorney after she Irena suffered an accident. “Very severe stroke.” He said, “It’s my sister who’s really driving all of this… I’ll fight this.”Read More…..

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