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Police are trying to determine those responsible for attacking a Kennesaw State University student over the weekend outside his off-campus home. Jalique Rosemond, a black student, allegedly claimed that two unidentified white youths attacked him, beat him and hurled racial slurs at him on Saturday, January 21.

The KSU student claimed that he drove around a small group of youths who were standing in the parking lot, found a spot, and got out of his car. His attackers left after they realized he had to go to a hospital. He claimed it was a terrifying, perhaps fatal, encounter that ended in a matter of seconds, MSN reported.

Just before midnight, after doing his part-time job as a Door Dash driver, Rosemond claimed that he would be returning to his apartment building, West 22 Apartments. “They were beating me, they stomped on me,” Rosemond said on Wednesday, January 25. saying racial slurs while being attacked.”


Rosemond added that the men threw him to the ground and kicked him in the face, breaking his nose. He fled behind a parked vehicle in the middle of the parking lot during the incident. “While one is holding on to me, the other one comes up to me and says, ‘rip those [expletive] dreadlocks,’” Rosemond said.

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Jalique Rosemond attacked by two White men

Rosemond ran the short distance to his first-floor apartment and banged on the window, begging his roommate for help. “He was bleeding and his nose was broken,” said his roommate, Emmanuel Osakwe. He added that Rosemond’s alleged assailants got into the Jeep with two others and drove away, but not before throwing Rosemond’s backpack into a tree and his keys under one of the cars in the parking lot, according to 11 Alive.

Osakwe and Rosemond claimed that they later discovered that one of the white men had allegedly told police that an eyewitness claimed that Rosemond had tried to run over a white man in the parking lot as he was driving to his house. “They said I was driving recklessly in the neighborhood and I hit his frat brother, which is completely wrong, that’s not entirely true,” Rosemond said, adding: “Because I consciously moved around them because I saw them in the middle of it. of the path.”


A witness also told police that one of the white men said Rosemond had a gun. “Nobody here owns a gun,” Osakwe said. According to Rosemond, he never carried a weapon when he worked or at any other time. “Call it what it is, it’s a hate crime,” Osakwe said, adding: “It has to be. I can’t sugarcoat it because someone came home from a long day at work and was attacked in their car.”

Rosemond, a student at KSU’s Coles College of Business, is pursuing his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and hopes that authorities will be able to access all the footage from the apartment building’s security cameras so they can catch the criminals.

“I want them charged with assault, I want them charged with discrimination,” he said, adding: “This was a pure hate crime. I am lucky to be able to share this and give everyone the understanding that this is still the world we live in, and I know that it is not for everyone. I am grateful to be able to tell my story because there are people who have gone through (something like) this and have not been able to tell their story.”


Part of the altercation outside the Rosemond apartment was captured on security camera video from the night of Saturday, January 21. Police are still investigating and have not classified this as a hate crime.Read More….

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