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CALIFORNIA: A Northern California man was arrested last week on charges of planning to violate the Endangered Species Act after he allegedly tried to clear customs at the San Francisco airport with eight whole or partial animal carcasses in his luggage. Jason Keith Bruce , 49, of Galt, California, faces up to 25 years in prison after he was arrested for attempting to smuggle numerous expensive carcasses, including an endangered Ladakh urial, using fraudulent government documents.

Bruce was charged along with Pakistani hunting expert Pir Danish Ali, 43, for the alleged crimes following a hunting trip to Pakistan in 2018. If convicted, both men could face lengthy prison terms and large fines. Subsequently, the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Office of Law Enforcement launched an investigation that reportedly revealed a massive smuggling ring used by Ali’s organization to move animal carcasses through The airports.

Jason Keith Bruce Age

The age of Jason Keith Bruce is 49 years.


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Jason Keith Bruce accused of attempting to smuggle rare Urial carcass

According to a press release, Bruce paid Ali $50,000 to help him kill an endangered longhorn sheep, then planned to smuggle the animal’s body back into the US by falsifying official papers from Pakistan and labeling the carcass as belonging to a different species. It is alleged that at least 25 hunters used this strategy to transport more than 97 carcasses into the US between 2013 and 2018.

The Ladakh urial, normally found in western central Asia and classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, was the focus of Bruce’s hunt, and is now subject to harsh punishment. The sheep population has declined dramatically in recent years. According to the charging documents, Ali allegedly informed Bruce prior to his hunt that only 180 of the sheep had been recorded in the area at that time.

The Fish and Wildlife Service investigation found that Bruce retained Ali’s services as early as 2016 to begin planning how to smuggle the animal into the US, suggesting that the big game hunter was apparently drawn to due to the scarcity of the animal to pocket an elusive trophy. According to a Justice Department press release, Ali, the CEO of a Pakistani hunting guide and supplier company, agreed to export the Ladakh urial as a trophy through fraud and bribery. A follow-up investigation of the discovery revealed Ali’s extensive network of animal traffickers.Read More……


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