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Deputies announced that investigators found remains during a search for a missing Texas woman. They identified the body as female only, so it’s unclear if it is 33-year-old Kayla Kelley. The remains were found in Grand Prairie, Texas, the same city where Kelley’s alleged kidnapper, 32-year-old Ocastor Shavon Ferguson, lived with his wife.

Collin County, Texas, deputies said Kelley’s friends reported her missing on January 11. Kelley had not heard from her aunt or her co-workers for several days, authorities said. Her car was found in Frisco, Texas, on the 12th “burnt beyond recognition and the incident was not consistent with a natural fire,” agents wrote in the documents. Investigators discovered her dog alone in her McKinney duplex, with no access to food or water.

“Family and relatives reported that the dog was like Kelley’s son and he would never leave it unattended for an extended period of time,” they wrote.


What the agents learned is that Kelley was dating a man named “Kevin,” according to the documents. Kelley allegedly told friends and family that she was planning to blackmail him after finding out that he was actually married.

Investigators determined that this man was actually Ferguson under the pseudonym Kevin Brown. They spoke to him and he allegedly said that he last spoke to Kelley on January 10, when she dropped him off at her job around noon. She didn’t show up when she was supposed to bring him lunch at 6pm. that day.

Kayla Kelley Age

The age of Kayla Kelley is 33 years.


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Kayla Kelley Allegedly Kidnapped by Married Boyfriend

Ferguson allegedly admitted to lying to Kelley about his identity and that she found out his real name, but he also denied knowing his whereabouts or condition. Cell phone records place him on Jan. 10 at both the missing woman’s home and the Frisco location where his own car was found, police said.

“The analysis showed that Ferguson was at work on January 10 and left and went to his residence in Grand Prairie, Texas,” the agents said. “He then left and drove down the Dallas North Tollway and went to the area of Kelley’s duplex and then drove to the area where Kelley’s vehicle was found burned. Ferguson then traveled back to his home in Grand Prairie.”

Authorities said they found Ferguson’s 2004 Lexus near Kelley’s McKinney duplex; Authorities said Ferguson’s wife reported the vehicle stolen, but the defendant said he was hiding her car from him.


Ferguson allegedly denied being in the area where the vehicle was found. He also denied knowing what happened to him. “Ferguson claimed that he was driving the vehicle during this time period [January 10] and noted that Kelley was in the back while he was driving,” deputies wrote.Read More….

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