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Keith Davis Jr, the man accused of killing Pimlico racetrack security guard Kevin Jones in 2015 and facing 4 trials in the same case, has finally walked free. The 31-year-old suspect spent nearly 7 years behind bars before Baltimore’s new top prosecutor dropped all charges against him on Friday, January 13.

Davis was booked after police claimed his gun casing matched the scene of the shooting. The police also shot him multiple times before he was arrested, leaving him badly injured at the time. However, Davis somehow survived and has since pleaded not guilty.

According to ABC, State Attorney Ivan Bates in a press release on Friday said: “Today’s dismissal is about the missteps by my predecessor’s prosecution in their pursuit of a conviction at all costs. I have a duty to ensure justice for everyone, not only for the victim but also for the accused.” It’s worth noting that Bates earlier during his campaign promised his voters that they would reconsider the case.


Her predecessor, Marilyn Mosby, lost the Democratic primary last year while she faced federal perjury charges. Responding to the new development in the case, Mosby told The Associated Press on Friday that the case “has always been about seeking justice for Kevin Jones and his family.”

Keith Davis Jr Age

The age of Keith Davis Jr is 31 years.

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Keith Davis Jr accused of killing Pimlico Race Course security guard facing 4 trials

The victim’s grandmother, Earlene Neals, reacted strongly after Davis walked around like a free man. “Our family is destroyed. Kevin is not getting justice at all, none at all,” she told the AP. Although Keith Davis did not speak to the media or release any statement after his release, his wife Kelly Davis said: “I hope people realize, we’ve seen wrongful sentencing in real time, and we’re not looking the other way.” side”. In addition, she told the AP: “Keith survived the bullets because that was not the end of his story. He was meant to be so much bigger. Keith is not an anomaly.”


Kelly said several other defendants with “credible” claims of innocence remain in jail. She also said, “He is home now,” but “we cannot take back these years that were stolen from us.” Bates kept his distance and had asked one of his aides to conduct the formal review of Davis’s case.

This was done as he had commented on the election campaign. Assistant State’s Attorney Thomas Donnelly said: “It is clear that a flagrant disregard for professional liability rules and the law has permeated throughout the attempts to prosecute Mr. Davis.”

Baltimore activist DeRay Mckesson also praised the ruling: “Today is a reminder that when you organize, you win. It wasn’t easy but we did it.” Mckesson tweeted: “Keith Davis Jr. is free and in good spirits. He is amazing. When we organize, we win.”Read more….


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