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A white mother has sued Southwest Airlines for “blatant racism” after a flight attendant called police on suspicion that it was trafficking her mixed-race daughter. The lawsuit filed Thursday, Aug. 3, claims the incident occurred on Oct. 22, 2021, when Mary MacCarthy and her 10-year-old biological daughter Moira were flying from Los Angeles to Denver after the sudden death of MacCarthy’s brother. she.

The couple were traveling through the San Jose airport when a Southwest employee called the Denver Police Department to “report Ms. MacCarthy on suspicion of child trafficking,” according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court. USA in Colorado. “There was no basis to believe that Ms. MacCarthy was trafficking her daughter. The Southwest employee’s sole basis for the call was the belief that Ms. MacCarthy’s daughter could not be hers because she is a biracial child,” the court document continues. After the plane landed, the police took the duo in for questioning as they walked across the bridge of the plane.

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Charges on Mary MacCarthy

MacCarthy was visibly shaken by the allegations as she sobbed during the conversation and held up her identification to prove to police that Moira was her daughter. At the time, the single mother recorded the incident in which a Southwest staff member and two airport police officers explained why MacCarthy and her biological daughter had been taken from her. The concerned mother can be heard repeating, “It’s okay, honey,” many times as her terrified daughter sobs uncontrollably in the three-minute video after being approached by officials. “I have a daughter, who unfortunately has already been traumatized by the police in her life,” the concerned mother can be heard saying.

The mother-daughter duo was fired after a while, but MacCarthy argues that during questioning, the airline engaged in “blatant racism,” which left his daughter in “extreme emotional distress,” according to the lawsuit. compensatory damages for emotional distress, mental anguish and more, along with legal fees. In addition, MacCarthy is also demanding changes to Southwest’s training and policies after the incident. “The Southwest employee on the plane reported Plaintiff MacCarthy to the police without any conversation or contact with any of the Plaintiffs that would have aroused suspicion in the mind of a reasonable person,” the lawsuit claimed, according to the NY Post.

MacCarthy lives in Los Angeles and currently works as vice president of marketing at Kubit, a Series A startup. She previously worked as a journalist at news organizations like France 24 and CNN, according to her LinkedIn. In her lawsuit, she accused Southwest Airlines of interfering with her contract on the basis of race, which resulted in a civil rights violation. “To this day, when Moira and I are out in public, and especially in airports or on airplanes, I am very aware that we could be prosecuted and sued for any interaction we have with each other,” he told Newsweek, adding: “It’s a strange feeling to be aware of your most basic behaviors with your child, and it’s exhausting. As for Moira [now 12], she still shuts up and doesn’t want to talk about what happened.”Read More………


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