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A South Dakota couple, accused of abusing their 8-year-old adopted daughter to the point of death, allegedly used odor eliminators and sage to hide her death for weeks, new court documents have revealed. Meelah Miller was found dead inside a coffin in the back of a U-Haul in front of a South Dakota home in December 2022. After the gruesome discovery,

On December 16, her adoptive parents Mandie Miller, 33, , and her boyfriend Aleksander Kurmoyarov, 28, were arrested by Mitchell police and charged with one count of failing to notify police of the death of a child. During an interview, Kurmoyarov allegedly told authorities that Meelah died in Washington state on Halloween, but Mandie claimed the young man died on September 10, People reported.

Investigators said the couple did not try to tell Washington state officials about the boy’s death. Mandie and Kurmoyarov were later charged with second degree murder, first degree criminal mistreatment and unlawful imprisonment.


In an earlier hearing, prosecutors reportedly released several official documents indicating the two had a history of abuse before the girl’s death. It was also reported that the abusive couple was towing Meelah’s body from Airway Heights, Washington state, to the Pine Ridge Native American reservation in South Dakota.

Meelah Miller Age

The age of Meelah Miller was just 8 years.

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Meelah Miller cause of death

Following the couple’s arrest, police searched their Mitchell residence and uncovered chilling evidence including zip ties, an “abundant amount” of air freshener and other “items of possible probative value,” reports KREM 2. Investigators reportedly found a wax warmer, electric fragrance diffusers, and an odor absorber in Meelah’s bedroom.


In addition, a bunch of sage inside a seashell was also recovered from the couple’s residence, which authorities say was burned as part of a Native American ritual “associated with cleansing and therefore may help you.” to feel that he helped the deceased in his death”. “said the doctors.

This came after court documents revealed that Meelah endured horrific abuse for days before her tragic death. Kurmoyarov allegedly told investigators that the eight-year-old girl was tied up for four to six hours the day she died. He also confessed that Mandie used to hit her toes with a hammer when she didn’t behave.

The couple would put the child in a bathrobe and tie it up like a straitjacket. They even strapped her into a car seat. Kurmoyarov’s claims were backed up by an autopsy report which noted that abusive marks were found on Meelah’s wrists and ankles. The report also indicated that she was extremely malnourished and weighed only 26 pounds at eight years of age. It was further revealed that the girl was allegedly taken out of school in early 2022.


Investigators then tracked down Meelah’s biological father, who was identified as a former associate of Miller’s, according to The Sun. He told police that Mandie called him on November 16, 2022, to inform him that the girl had died. He allegedly denied hurting her and claimed that Meelah died at her home after complaining of chest pain. Mandie also told the father that her body was being taken to his reservation in South Dakota. The biological father described Mandie as “impulsive” who often referred to Meelah as “evil”.Read More….

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