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A drugged woman who murdered her mother’s ‘best friend’ by stabbing him in the heart will serve at least 20 years behind bars.Rebecca Press, 31, was under the influence of alcohol and drugs when she plunged a three-inch kitchen knife into the chest of Marc Ash, who was trying to calm her down after a night out.

Leaving her victim in a pool of blood, Press calmly walked into her mother’s room and said, “I stabbed your fucking best friend,” before running off.The pink-haired assassin then left a chilling message on her ex-boyfriend’s phone, saying: ‘Ash, he’s really bad. He’s really fucking bad.’I just stabbed someone and killed them. I just murdered someone. Please call me now. F*** (screams). I just murdered someone.Two emergency response doctors performed open heart surgery on the father of one, but his injuries were ‘insurmountable’. He was pronounced dead at 2 am.

Press was staying with her mother Michelle, 53, after splitting from her boyfriend Ashley Allen and had just found out he was cheating on her.Ash, who lived next door to Press’s mother, had been trying to calm the 31-year-old man when she plunged a knife into his heart.In the hours before the murder, Press had been drinking at her mother’s home in New Tredegar, Caerphilly, South Wales.She continued her boozy day and then headed with Mr. Ash to New Tredegar Rugby Club and the Dynevor Arms.


Footage released by prosecutors today showed Press and Ash walking through the streets together on the afternoon of July 16, before returning later that night before midnight.Returning to the flat, she arrived at the same time as her brother Gavin Press, who told her that Mr. Allen had been having an affair.Press then launched her attack on the ‘kind and caring’ Mr. Ash before running off.

Police and paramedics responded to the crime scene in New Tredegar, Caerphilly, South Wales, at 2am. m. on July 17 of last year.Press tried to escape having left the flat and hidden in a bush, telling a passerby: ‘Get me out of here, I need to get out of here.’But the police caught her at 3:15 am as she was walking back to her mother’s house.The killer feigned surprise when she was arrested and told the officers: ‘Suspicion of what?… What, has someone died?’

She was told at Cardiff Crown Court that when told by officers that Marc Ash was dead, she replied: “he was my mother’s neighbour”. What, is he dead? Oh good.’Press had taken four valium earlier that day before going drinking with Mr. Ash at the Dynevor Arms pub and New Tredegar Rugby Club.But her previous good mood turned to anger when she was trapped inside a bathroom stall due to a faulty lock.The court heard that he had gotten ‘more and more drunk’, prompting Ash to call his mother to tell her that he was ‘playing around’.When he returned to his mother’s house, his brother broke the news that his girlfriend was having an affair.


Rebecca Press Age

The age of Rebecca Press is 31 years.

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Rebecca Press took a kitchen knife and threatened to stab him

Press told the court how her sister took a kitchen knife and threatened to stab him.She said Mr. Ash and Press began “screaming and screaming” at each other before she raised her knife and “stabbed him in the chest.”Prosecutor Jonathan Rees KC told the jury: “The full length of the blade, up to the handle, plunged into her chest, approximately 7.5cm, and pierced the aortic arch over her heart.””Mr. Ash rapidly lost blood from the injured aortic arch, leading to cardiac arrest and death.”Press was described as “strangely calm and jovial” in a police custody suite.

It was discovered that he had alcohol, bromazolam, etizolam, amphetamine, MDMA and THC in his system. More than 600 tablets containing MDMA and bromazolam were found in his possession.In a prepared statement, he told officers: “I did not intend to stab him in the chest, but I accept that this is what I did.””I had no intention of killing Marc, I acted in self-defense and used reasonable force under the circumstances.”She told detectives that she picked up “the closest object to me off the kitchen counter, which was a knife and I hit him with it.”


Press of New Tredegar denied the murder on the grounds of her own defense, but five days after the trial she changed her guilty plea.She had 16 prior crimes, including assault on an emergency worker, fraud and public order violations.Cardiff Register Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke jailed Press for life with a minimum of 20 years due to the aggravating features of the murder.The judge told him: ‘It is clear that she has caused the most terrible pain to Mr. Ash’s family.

‘You were under the influence of drink and drugs, your mother had warned you not to drink after taking valium.It was neither planned nor premeditated, but she went to find a knife in the kitchen drawer and with a single blow she stabbed Mr. Ash in the chest.Then you threatened to do more harm to Mr. Ash while he lay dying.A second count of actual bodily harm for beating his mother Michelle will be on file.Read More…..

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