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Federal prosecutors, beginning in the trial on July 24, charged the alleged leader of the brutal MS-13 gang with ordering “a series of assassination missions,” including the gruesome murder of a 16-year-old boy who was stabbed so many times he was nearly decapitated. Melvi Amador-Rios, 32, is accused of ordering hits on several rivals and potential informants, leading to the gruesome stabbing to death of 16-year-old Julio Vásquez in 2017.

When the federal government issued an indictment on September 12 charging Amador Ríos, 32, Josué “Colocho” Leiva, 26, and Luis “Inquieto” Rivas, 28, with killing Vásquez at Alley Pond Park near 76th Avenue, they were already in jail for other crimes. According to prosecutors, Amador-Ríos ordered the attack on Vásquez because Vásquez disobeyed instructions to kill, according to testimony from former MS-13 members and associates who collaborate with authorities, the New York Post reported.

Melvi Amador-Ríos, also known as “Lethal” or “Pinky,” is the alleged leader of the MS-13 Centrales Locos Salvatruchas gang, who ordered several gruesome murders, including the 2017 stabbing of Vásquez. , Queens, from 2014 onwards, it was brutal.


Sometimes killing was a requirement to move up in the CLS group. Killing a rival gang member or MS-13 deserter allowed the low-level “check” to advance to “homeboy” status. To receive promotions from him, Checks also had to undergo a 13-second beating. Prosecutors say that on Oct. 22, 2016, when Amador-Ríos gave the order to kill a member of the rival 18th Street gang in Queens, three of those low-level checks had an opportunity to move forward.

In addition to the alleged order to kill Checko Vásquez, Amador-Ríos is also charged with the 2016 paralysis of a 16-year-old rival. He is accused of ordering a subordinate to kill the teenager, who appeared to be part of the rival 18th Street gang, in order to establish his loyalty and advance within the gang. Louis Serrano, the victim, entered the courtroom on Monday, July 24, in a motorized wheelchair and gave a brief statement against Amador-Ríos.

Amador-Ríos is accused of extortion, murder committed to further extortion and other crimes. He is also accused of robbing three convenience stores and a money transfer company in Queens with guns drawn. Three subordinates have pleaded guilty to attempted murder and extortion in the October 2016 coup attempt against Serrano. Leiva and Rivas are among four people who have pleaded guilty in the Vásquez murder case.


Melvi Amador-Rios Age

The age of Melvi Amador-Rios is 32 year.

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Charges on Melvi Amador-Rios

Vasquez was also a CLS cabal check, and had a bad reputation after police pulled him over while he was brandishing one of the gang’s weapons. The officers grabbed the gun but did not arrest him, leading other MS-13 members to suspect that he might be an informant. After a series of incidents, Amador-Ríos demanded that Vásquez prove his commitment, according to authorities.

Amador-Ríos assigned a different check to kill an MS-13 member in early 2017 who believed he was hanging out with the 18th Street Gang. However, the target was tipped off and he left New York. Federal authorities claim that an enraged Amador-Ríos hired Vásquez to carry out his order to kill the informant for violating MS-13 guidelines. Vasquez would become a “homeboy” after the murder, restoring his position within the group.


Vasquez was given a deadline and an ultimatum: kill or be killed. This was in response to him telling one of his fellow gang members that he was afraid to take his own life. According to the prosecution, Amador-Ríos signed the teen’s death order when Vásquez was unable to comply. On May 16, 2017, members Josué Leiva and Luis Rivas allegedly took Vásquez to Alley Pond Park in Queens, where he was allegedly stabbed more than 30 times.

During opening arguments in Brooklyn federal court, Assistant US Attorney Rafaella Belizaire stated that “as the leader of the cabal, the defendant ordered a series of assassination missions. They nearly decapitated him. They did this because their leader, the defendant, ordered them to. They stabbed him over and over again until he died.”

A bird watcher discovered Vasquez’s dismembered body in Alley Pond Park, five days after his murder. Amador-Ríos could receive life in prison without parole if he is convicted. His defense attorney declined to comment before trial. MS-13 gained dominance among the Salvadoran immigrant community of El Salvadoran immigrants after the United States deported hundreds of Salvadorans in the early 1990s. Read More…..


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