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A Louisiana pastor shot his wife in front of the couple’s three children before turning the gun on himself inside a Mississippi hotel on Wednesday. He has been locally named as Danny Prenell Jr., 25, senior pastor of Bright Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church in Pineville, Louisiana. Several Facebook posts identify his wife as 27-year-old Gabby Prenell. The couple have three children together.

In a Facebook post sent from the Hampton Inn hotel where the shooting took place, Prenell captioned a photo with his wife and his children: “I may not be a perfect man, but I will always be a family man.” .

An image from the scene published by The Enterprise-Journal showed blood-stained floors near the elevators in the hotel lobby in McComb, Mississippi. The shooting took place around 3:30 p.m. Prenell is alleged to have shot his wife twice and then himself, investigators said. Authorities have not commented on Prenell or the condition of his wife. A Facebook post from a friend of Gabby’s said that her mother was “still struggling” in an intensive care unit.


Both were rushed to the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Your children are in the custody of child protective services. According to Prenell’s Facebook page, he was a Deputy Sheriff with the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Department until December 2022. On April 6, Prenell paid tribute to her wife on her birthday by calling her “my queen” and “the woman I love and owe my life to.”

Danny Prenell Jr Age

The age of Danny Prenell Jr was 25 year.

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I have seen your growth on all levels and you are a great mother, wife and my best friend. I am proud to be your husband because you are a woman of class, discretion, integrity and most importantly… you are a woman of God,’ he added. The pastor regularly spoke about his personal growth in Facebook posts. “At the age of 25, I often hear that I am way beyond my age. However, I am never satisfied with where I am… I am constantly looking for more,” he wrote on April 16.


People with small minds will keep you locked in what fits in their heads. The God I serve knows no limits and I remain faithful because I know my cup will overflow,” he added. Domestic shootings have become an eerily common tragedy across the country. They have occurred almost every 3.5 weeks for the past two decades on average. In 2022 there were 17 of them, according to a database compiled by multiple media organizations.

Ten were murder-suicides and 14 were shootings. The database defines a mass murder as four or more people killed, not including the perpetrator. Sequatchie, Tennessee, is one of more than 30 communities reeling from a mass family murder in the past two years, a list that includes rich and poor communities and spares no race or class.

A family mass murder, where four or more people were killed, not including the perpetrator, has occurred each of the past two years in places as large as Houston or as small as Casa Grande, Arizona. Motives can remain speculative in family murders in which the perpetrators take their own lives, but police often cite financial or relationship issues as causes.


Mass murders of families immediately grab the attention of people in a community, but they rarely get the level of national attention that mass murders in schools, places of worship or restaurants get, said James Alan Fox, a criminologist at Northeastern University. who has studied familicides and mass murders. murders for decades.

Fox, who helped compile and maintains the database for AP and USA Today, said that’s because it doesn’t generate the same kind of fear among the public. He noted that police often issue messages saying there is no danger to the public soon after murders are discovered.

“It’s a nice, safe community, but family massacres are independent of the crime rate in the local area,” he said. “We’re talking about internal factors, and I think that’s why it’s hard for people to see themselves in these situations and why the response is to cry rather than be afraid.”


Family mass murders are, in fact, the most common type of mass murder, accounting for about 45 percent of the 415 mass shootings since 2006, according to the database. They occur twice as often as mass shootings in which members of the public are killed. Most, but not all, involve firearms, only about a third involve households with a history of domestic violence, and most offenders have no violent or criminal history, Fox said.

There is no government agency that tracks murder-suicides nationwide, so a few years ago policy analysts at the Violence Policy Center, an educational nonprofit that conducts research and public education on violence in the US report. The latest 2020 version looked at murder-suicides, including many mass murders during the first six months of 2019. The study found that 81 percent of murder-suicides occurred in the home and 65 percent involved intimate partners.

The study also found that among the murder-suicides in which more than three people died in addition to the perpetrator, six of the 10 during those six months were incidents in which a person killed their children, their partner, and themselves.


Fox said that most of the murders fall into two categories. The first is proxy killing, in which the killer is motivated by anger or resentment and kills children who are seen as an extension of his or her mate. The second is suicide by proxy motivated by discouragement or depression, most often from job loss, with the offender killing the children as an extension of himself.

“He wants to spare them the misery of living in this horrible world,” Fox said. ‘Over the years, there has been an eclipse in the community. There was a time decades ago if you were having trouble feeding your family or if you had lost your job, the neighbors would come over with pots and pans and offer you emotional support. A lot of people don’t know their neighbors these days.’Read More…..

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