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In newly released documents, a Jacksonville man was arrested and booked into the Duval County Jail on six counts of sexual offenses with a minor. On Saturday June 10, Rashad Williams, 34, was reported to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for being in a sexual relationship with an underage victim. In an interview with police, the victim said that he had met Williams on a social networking site and online dating app. After a conversation, he and Williams had several sexual encounters at the suspect’s home.

Rashad Williams Age

the age of Rashad Williams is 34 year.

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Charges on Rashad Williams

The victim told police that he had been taken back to the Williams house 3 or 4 more times in total for what were supposed to be Bible study sessions. The victim also said that he had been in an ongoing “spiritual” relationship with the suspect for several months.


Several days before the report was made, the victim’s parents discovered text messages between the two. Williams reportedly went to the victim’s home after phone calls went unanswered. The police report says this was the last time the victim had contact with the suspect.

In text messages seen by police during the investigation, Williams was shown to be driving the suspect back to his residence. The suspect would instruct the victim on how to lie to his parents about where he was or who he was with.

A witness who was interviewed told police that on June 10, Williams had knocked on his door. He told the witness that he was a youth minister at Celebration Church and that he was doing a “welfare check” on the victim, who lived next door to the witness. The arrest report also makes reference to Williams being a volunteer “youth leader” at Celebration Church.Read More…..


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