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A 34-year-old high school biology teacher in New York has been arrested for allegedly luring a “mentally ill” 16-year-old student into multiple illegal sexual encounters. Sandy Carazas-Pinez was taken into custody by federal authorities Wednesday morning and charged with one count of enticing a minor victim to engage in unlawful sexual activity and one count of producing child pornography, authorities announced.

When the allegations against Carazas-Pinez first surfaced in March 2023, she was fired from her teaching role at the Bondi School in Yonkers, which specializes in educating “students with learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, autism, and/or other health problems.

“As alleged, Ms. Carazas-Pinez, a former high school teacher, incited one of her students to engage in sexual activity and live-streamed sexually explicit conduct,” said Acting Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI, Christie M. Curtis, in a statement. “Teachers are charged with protecting the children under her supervision, not harming them. As today’s action demonstrates, the FBI remains steadfast in our commitment to bring justice to those who prey on our youth.”


Sandy Carazas-Pinez Age

The age of Sandy Carazas-Pinez is 34 year.

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Charges on Sandy Carazas-Pinez

According to a press release from the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, the relationship between Carazas-Pinez and the victim began in November 2022 and continued through February 2023. During that time, authorities say Carazas- Pinez “abused his position as a teacher” by singling out the victim for personal attention at school and leading him “to believe they were in a romantic relationship.”

The newly unsealed indictment alleges that the relationship began with Carazas-Pinez and the victim frequently exchanging text messages that became “increasingly sexual in nature.” She then used her personal cell phone to arrange sexual encounters with the victim and repeatedly induced him to “engage in livestreamed sexually explicit conduct” during the video calls, according to the document.


In text messages allegedly obtained from Carazas-Pinez’s electronic devices, authorities say she referred to sexual encounters with the victim and her live-streamed video chats as “gifts.”

Investigators said they also recovered multiple “sexually suggestive” photos that Carazas-Pinez allegedly sent to the victim. After sending the photos, Carazas-Pinez instructed the victim to delete them and “asked repeatedly” if she had done so, prosecutors wrote in the indictment.

“On multiple occasions, while working on [the school’s] premises, Carazas-Pinez, the defendant, directed Minor Victim in text messages to obtain day passes from [the school] in order to leave campus,” the indictment states. formal. “Carazas-Pinez then met with Minor Victim at a location near the [school’s] campus and took Minor Victim to another location. On multiple occasions, while Carazas-Pinez was parked in Carazas-Pinez’s car at various locations, including in or around the Bronx, Yonkers, and Staten Island, New York, Carazas-Pinez engaged in sexual intercourse and other sexual acts, and attempted to do so. , with Minor Victim”.


Furthermore, when the victim “expressed his desire to end her relationship,” Carazas-Pinez induced him to continue by “threatening to take away his school privileges” if he stopped seeing her. Carazas-Pinez was fired after school officials discovered that she and the victim were seen driving her car off campus and observed “in close contact” while in her classroom.

Carazas-Pinez faces maximum sentences of life in prison for the seduction charge and 30 years for the child pornography charge. In an interview with the New York Post, the victim’s mother alleged that authorities were “delayed” in investigating Carazas-Pinez because her son is black.

“It is the rape of a mentally ill child,” the mother told the Post. “As a society, we have to prioritize the safety of children with mental illness and children who are sexually assaulted.” Carazas-Pinez’s attorney, Mario Gallucci, did not immediately respond to a message from Law&Crime.Read more…….


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