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A young man has been sentenced to more than 100 years behind bars after he was found guilty of taking the life of his mother and three younger siblings. Colin Jeffrey Haynie, who also goes by CJ Haynie, was sentenced on Wednesday, July 12, as a judge ordered him to serve 25 years to life in prison for each of the murders, to be carried out consecutively. He was also given 25 years to life in prison on one count of attempted murder, to be executed at the same time. In addition, he was requested to pay $28,000 as compensation amount.

CJ Haynie Age

The age of CJ Haynie is 19 yer.

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Charges on CJ Haynie

The 19-year-old’s sentencing came after he pleaded guilty to four counts of aggravated manslaughter and one count of attempted aggravated manslaughter in July of last year. He fatally shot his mother, Consuelo Alejandra Haynie, 52, and also killed Alexis Haynie, 15, Matthew Haynie, 14, and Milan Haynie, 12. CJ, who was 16 at the time of the crime, he also attempted to murder his father, Colin Haynie, by shooting him in the leg. But he survived.


CJ is a convicted felon who killed most of his family members in 2020. On Wednesday, July 12, he said in court: “I want to apologize for what I did to this community. I cannot fix the horrible crimes I have committed that have caused the death of my brothers and my mother, injuries to my father, and I cannot apologize for my crimes and mistakes. I want to make sure that people understand that my mistakes in the past are something I will not do again,” FOX13 reported. Judge Teresa l Welch told the teen: “Part of the immense sadness here is because you didn’t just deprive yourself your family members from their lives in such a tragic and terrible way, but you also deprived yourself of your life with them.”

According to the teen’s attorney, Richard Van Wagoner, CJ has shown “a lot of progress from where he was.” He added: “Usually I am a glass half empty person but I am hopeful for him because I have seen a lot of progress from where he was. Are we disappointed? Yes. Am I surprised? No.

In addition to this, a statement from the City of Grantsville Police Department read: “We are grateful to all the state, county and local agencies that assisted our investigative team with this complex and emotional case. We appreciate the hard work and long hours put into this case by all the investigators and the prosecutor’s office. We are grateful that a resolution has been reached in the Tooele County District Court and hope this can help the family and community begin the healing process.”Read More…….


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