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Shocking revelations have emerged when a Bullitt County man, James Nott, was arrested Tuesday, July 11, after FBI agents discovered dozens of human remains, including skulls, in his Mt Washington home. The arrest followed an investigation that began last year into Nott’s alleged involvement in the multi-state and international trade in stolen body parts.

James Nott, 39, had been buying human remains online under the alias “William Burke,” a name that has historical significance as it was used by a notorious serial killer active in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the 1990s. 1820. Nott’s public Facebook page contained recent posts offering human remains for sale, adding to the disturbing nature of the case.

The criminal complaint filed against Nott sheds light on the illicit trade in which he was implicated, which involved body parts stolen from the Harvard Medical School morgue and a morgue in Little Rock, Arkansas. The complaint alleged that Nott received these body parts from abroad and sold them within the United States, WDRB reported.


James Nott Age

The age of James Nott is 39 year.

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Why James Nott was arrested?

The investigation into this gruesome trade began when a Pennsylvania man named Jeremy Pauley was caught selling human remains, including organs and skin, from his own home. Pauley had been purchasing the body parts, which included hearts, brains, lungs and fetal specimens, through Facebook Messenger from Candace Chapman, a mortician in Arkansas. Sarah Pauley, Jeremy’s wife, provided authorities with screenshots of her husband’s communication with a woman who worked at a Little Rock morgue. This woman was allegedly stealing the remains that were to be cremated and selling them to Pauley through Facebook, using PayPal as the payment method. Pauley, in turn, was involved in the sale and transportation of these ill-gotten body parts, with James Nott being one of the people connected to the network.

As the investigation unfolded, it was revealed that Cedric Lodge, the morgue manager for the Harvard Medical School Anatomical Gift Program, was also involved in the illegal trade. Lodge was accused of allowing unauthorized persons access to the morgue, allowing them to personally select and purchase body parts without the knowledge or consent of the families and the school. The complaint further alleged that Lodge himself was involved in the theft of cadaver parts and their sale online.


Within this web of illegal activity, Nott communicated with Pauley through Facebook, using a pseudonym. The affidavit said Nott sent Pauley photos and videos of the human remains and they discussed selling and shipping these items. Ominously, Pauley inquired about the price of a specific set of body parts. “How much for the pair you sent, plus the thorns?” she asked herself, to which Nott provided a quote. Pauley responded, “It works for me,” indicating her willingness to proceed with the purchase. Pauley, Lodge and four others were allegedly indicted in Pennsylvania federal court for interstate transportation of stolen property and conspiracy, the Courier-Journal reported.

The FBI executed a search warrant Tuesday at Nott’s residence on Love Avenue, Mt Washington, where they made gruesome discoveries. During the search, an FBI agent asked Nott if anyone else was present in the apartment, to which he chillingly replied, “Just my dead friends.” Around 40 human skulls, spinal cords, femurs, and hip bones were found throughout the apartment. Skulls were decorated and placed around furniture, one even adorned with a headscarf. In addition, police discovered an AK-47 with loaded magazines, fake grenades, bulletproof vest plates, and a loaded .38 Specialty revolver. A bag from Harvard Medical School was also found at Nott’s home.

Nott was subsequently arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm as a prohibited person. His neighbors, who described him as a loner, expressed dismay and concern over the revelations. They counted themselves lucky that nothing more sinister had occurred given the number of firearms in Nott’s possession. “I was just living here so I’m shocked and nervous now that something like this could be happening,” neighbor Caroline Branum told WHAS 11. Deep, who knows,” Branum said.Read More……


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