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Detectives in Vietnam arrested a group of airline cabin crew this week who were allegedly offering s**x to clients at a luxury hotel for €800 for 90-minute games. A police squad entered the expensive venue in Ho Chi Minh on Wednesday night where they reportedly found three flight attendants engaging in extracurricular activities with different clients. Vo Thi My Hanh is arrested.

“Vo Thi My Hanh admitted to contacting many flight attendants, ‘hot girls’ and photo models, then sent photos of prostitutes in flight attendant uniforms for customers to hire for sex,” the Vietnamese police said in a statement. She or Thi My Hanh is the alleged ringleader of the operation and she is now being held on suspicion of prostitution and brokering sexual services. At least one of her colleagues worked as a model.

The 26-year-old was a flight attendant at Vietnam Airlines, but she apparently packed it up earlier this year to focus on a new “business venture.” She has been photographed next to airplanes while she was wearing her work uniform. The men allegedly transferred money to Vo Thi My Hanh, who then arranged the meeting between the men and the cabin crew, many of them her former colleagues and girls from other airlines.


It is alleged that she approached local flight attendants and models with offers of additional income while laying over in Vietnam. The police allege that Hanh had up to 30 women working for her and charged €800 for a 90-minute session with the girls or €2,300 for an overnight stay.

Vo Thi My Hanh Age

the age of Vo Thi My Hanh is 26 year.

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Charges on Vo Thi My Hanh

Police also said the woman had won more than €38,000 for herself since the operation began. She posted photos of herself on expensive boats and staying in fancy places around the world online, but detectives claim this was part of a secret scheme to lure other girls into her lifestyle. for other people involved to submit more information.


The Ho Chi Minh City Police Department said in a statement on Thursday: “On August 9, 2023, the Criminal Police Department chaired and coordinated with the District 1 Police to implement the plan to dismantle the sex ring. “At the police station, the four women claimed to have been employed by the suspect who sold them for hotel sex for $1,000 to $3,000.

“Currently, the Investigative Police Department, City Public Security and Criminal Police Department continue to consolidate documents and evidence while investigating the case and handling it strictly in accordance with the law. “The Investigative Police Agency asks the suspect’s accomplices to come to the Criminal Police Department headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City to turn themselves in and obtain leniency.”Read More…..

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