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A teenage mother who had no idea she was pregnant has revealed how she gave birth in a stranger’s bathtub before having to bite down on her baby’s umbilical cord. Journey Richardson, now 18, from Anchorage, Alaska, was alone caring for dogs when she suddenly began experiencing agonizing cramps, so she went to take a bath hoping to calm them down.

But the pain kept increasing and when she bent down to see where it came from, she was stunned and horrified to feel the head of a baby. Moments later, the then 17-year-old said the newborn came out face down, and Journey reminded that her baby was bright purple and not breathing.

She was forced to give her newborn daughter her mouth to mouth for five minutes before successfully resuscitating the young man, whom she has since named Finn. Now, Ella Journey is opening up about her terrifying experience, revealing how doctors even dismissed her concerns that she might be pregnant after she came to them for help after receiving a positive test.


But the medical professional she saw simply told her that it’s normal to test positive if she has an ovarian cyst, and she dismissed her, with Journey feeling safe knowing the test had been wrong. However, during her mother Anneke’s 49th birthday party, Journey began experiencing intensely painful cramps, even joking with her younger sister, who was also having cramps, that they were both “in labor.” ‘.

Just one day later, Journey gave birth to her daughter. Speaking to, Journey recalled how she was “really confused” by the painful cramps, which she knew were “not normal”, explaining that even after realizing she was in labor, she felt like she “physically couldn’t push”. . baby] out’. Journey, who was alone at the time, would later learn that she was experiencing “back pain,” lower back pain caused by the pressure of the baby’s head against her spine and tailbone. her mother, which can make the situation already awkward. even worse.

Journey Richardson Age

The age of Journey Richardson is 18 year.


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What happened Journey Richardson

She said she was ‘in so much pain’ and revealed that she could hear her skin tearing as she finally managed to give birth after using the heel of her right hand to push against her back. But the newborn wasn’t breathing and Journey said her immediate thought was, ‘Wow, I just killed my baby.’ She quickly sprang into action, knowing that she needed to “do whatever I can to make sure everything is okay.”

Her father, Chad, 50, frequently taught CPR at her home, something Journey had learned over time. He began mouth-to-mouth delivery of the newborn and, after about five minutes, successfully resuscitated the baby, all while he was bleeding to death after a drug-free delivery. After making sure her baby was alive, Journey was left thinking, ‘Here I am in a stranger’s bathtub with a baby.’

She said the dog she was taking care of for her stayed by the bathtub the entire time she was in labor and repeatedly came up to lick her face. But even after she managed to resuscitate her little one, she faced another obstacle: the umbilical cord. The new mom didn’t have any medical equipment to cut it, and she explained that she was forced to bite it herself. Journey revealed that she did not call 911 until two hours after giving birth, stating that she was nervous about calling emergency services because her father worked as a first responder.


She said that her father “has always been my best friend” and that she was nervous about how she would react. Eventually, the teenager called her parents, but neither answered because they were watching television. Instead, Journey sent them both a cryptic text saying that something bad had happened and that she was on her way to the hospital.

The fire department took Journey to the emergency room and she finally made contact with her parents. When Journey’s father answered the phone, the firefighter on the other end said, ‘Congratulations Grandpa, you’re both healthy.’ Journey’s mother was also shocked to find out that her daughter had given birth to her because she was so young. Journey, who is 5-foot-2, weighed in at 110 pounds at term, which was just nine pounds more than her usual weight.

Her parents arrived at the hospital and asked to see the latest addition to the family. Journey said, “I didn’t even think staying with Finn would be an option, but when my parents asked to see her, I realized she could.” ‘I never thought I wanted children… I really didn’t like children.’


She explained that she was nervous that she would not “do a good job as a mother” and that she would never want to bring a child into the world if she could not give them the best life possible. But, after having Finn, Journey said, “The first time I saw Finn, I would have done everything in my power at the time to save her.” The proud mom, now 18, has said that her entire family cares for the baby and that Finn’s father is still involved in her daughter’s life.

Journey has not suffered any long-term health problems as a result of unassisted labor, despite some scarring inside her uterus when she gave birth and the placenta tore through her lining. Finn was born with a rare disorder called Klippel-Feil syndrome, which occurs when two or more vertebrae in the neck are fused together from birth.

Finn’s seven vertebrae are all fused together, making him an even rarer case. People with Klippel-Feil syndrome may have limited movement of the short neck. Journey concluded that he “loves Finn very much” and said that they are now a “happy family” along with their dogs and cat.Read More…….


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