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A Milwaukee, Wisconsin mother who was found guilty of fatally strangling her 10-year-old daughter has received a 25-year prison term. During her trial in May, Henrietta Rogers, 48, was convicted of first-degree manslaughter. After a dispute over Jada’s refusal to have her hair braided in February 2022, police found Rogers’ 10-year-old daughter, Jada Clay, inside her home, according to Fox 6.

After they got home from school, her older brother and Jada’s sister called 911, pried open Jada’s bedroom door with a screwdriver, and found her on the floor. When police arrived at the scene, the victim, according to police, appeared to have been dead for some time. Prosecutors sought a longer sentence of 30 years in prison for Rogers, arguing that strangling someone to death is a violently intimate crime.

However, the defense requested a shorter hearing because it believes Rogers has a serious mental health problem. Rogers was ultimately sentenced to 25 years in prison by Judge Mark Sanders for the death of her son. In addition, Rogers will be under extended supervision for 15 years, she will be subject to a mental health evaluation while on probation and must look for work. She received credit for her service time, as reported by FoxNews.


Henrietta Rogers Age

The age of Henrietta Rogers is 48 year.

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Sanders claimed that he was speechless in response to Rogers’ actions. Sanders said, “[Jada] was old enough to recognize what was happening, and that realization must have made her last moments some of the most terrifying I can imagine.” Prosecutors say the only two people who had keys to the house were Rodgers and Clay’s sister. Clay’s sister called Rogers to pick her up after school, but Rogers did not return her call. At that time, Clay’s sister asked Clay’s brother to pick her up.

Around 8 o’clock, after running a few errands, the two returned home. At this time, they found that the second door was ajar, but the main door was still closed. Once inside, the two found Clay’s body. Police later discovered Rogers in Schlitz Park near Aurora Urgent Care, where she was clearly distraught and sobbing. Rogers’ daughter was found dead in her home and officers were informed of this.


Police then informed Rogers that her daughter had been discovered at her home with serious injuries and requested permission to search the area. Lawyers say Rogers refused. Rogers reportedly became agitated and asked why the officers were questioning her. During her entire exchange with the police, she didn’t ask about Clay or how she was feeling.Read More……

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