Who killed Lauren Heike

ARIZONA: Police have arrested a suspect in connection with the brutal murder of a woman who was brutally attacked from behind while walking in Arizona. Lauren Heike, 29, was an esthetician who had recently moved to the Phoenix area from Washington. She was believed to be alone on the Reach 11 driveway, which was very close to her home when the assailant violently killed her.

Who killed Lauren Heike incident detail

Although her body was found almost 24 hours after the incident, she was discovered in an area that was not easily visible from the trail. According to the police, Heike’s body suffered severe trauma from the brutal attack. Although authorities have yet to reveal the method used by the perpetrator to commit the murder, they have called the killer’s conduct “appalling.”

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An update released by the Phoenix Police indicated that a man has been arrested in connection with Heike’s murder. “Phoenix Police have taken a man into custody in connection with the murder of 29-year-old Lauren Heike,” they wrote in a tweet. However, the authorities have not yet revealed his identity.


Earlier this week, law enforcement officials identified the suspect and shared disturbing video showing an unidentified individual running down the path where Heike’s body was discovered. The suspect in the Heike murder was believed to be a slim, dark-skinned man, standing between 5’8″ and 6′ tall. He was reportedly wearing a gray or lighter-colored shirt, dark pants, a backpack and shoes.The suspect caught by the police was wearing the same clothes.Read More…….

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