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A 21-year-old US Army soldier has been arrested in the shooting death of his Alaska National Guard combat medic wife, who went missing Sunday and whose body was found in a bloody storm drain on a nearby trail. from his apartment in Anchorage. Zarrius Hildabrand was booked into the Anchorage jail on $500,000 bail for the murder of 21-year-old Saria Hildabrand, police said. She also faces one charge of evidence tampering.

At a court hearing Friday, the victim’s mother, Meredith Barney, requested that he be held in custody and spoke to reporters, NBC Anchorage, Alaska affiliate KTUU-TV reported. “She’s like the most amazing, precious little girl ever,” she said, the news site reported. She has always been looking for the future, happy and truly loved. She loved everyone. They all loved her.”

Barney was shocked by her son-in-law’s alleged actions. “I walked for hours with me looking for my daughter, knowing she was dead,” Barney said, the Anchorage Daily News reported. She “she lied to me several times and tried to pretend that she was a concerned husband.” An email seeking comment from the public defender, whose office was assigned to represent him, was not immediately returned Saturday.


They were newlyweds, both military. She moved from Utah to live with him earlier this year to Alaska, where she was assigned. A criminal complaint obtained by Law & Crime explained the case after the suspect called police to report his wife missing on August 7 after he, his wife and friends celebrated her birthday at a downtown bar on August 5. He allegedly told police they got home around 2 am the next day and when they woke up, his wife needed to go to work, but they were both hungover. Neither of them felt well enough to drive, so he decided to walk to work, the document says.

He said that she left between 9 and 10 a.m. to go to hers hers hers workplace, Bread and Brew, about a mile from hers hers apartment. The suspect said her wife forgot to take her phone but took her purse and her wallet, according to the complaint. He allegedly said that she discovered her disappearance later that day when he went to look for her at 7 p.m. and discovered that she never showed up for work.

“Zarrius said that he had been searching for Saria ever since,” the complaint states. “Zarrius said that he had been to the house of all his friends, he called Saria’s parents, he contacted all the hospitals and the jail.” He was driving through the neighborhood when he decided to contact police, 36 hours after he saw her leave the house, according to the document, he allegedly told investigators. Up to 70 volunteers searched the route she walked to work to try to find her, but couldn’t find her.


Zarrius Hildabrand Age

The age of Zarrius Hildabrand is 21 year.

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Charges on Zarrius Hildabrand

Police interviewed her co-workers, who told them they received a text from her phone number at 10:45 a.m. Sunday. m., 45 minutes after her husband reported that she left the house and said that she was not going to work. When investigators interviewed Zarrius Hidabrand on August 8 at her apartment, police saw two handguns on the kitchen table. He repeated his story about the night out, saying they went to Dave & Buster’s early that night, came home, then “Ubered” to a downtown bar before heading home around 2 the next morning, according to the complaint. .

Zarrius Hildabrand initially said she stayed home all day Sunday and “vegetated,” but later changed her story about him, saying she was running some errands, according to the document. He told detectives that he didn’t care about his wife until around 10 p.m. when he would go out and walk around her neighborhood looking for her. He waited until Monday night to file the missing person report thinking he might find his wife and “discover it was a misunderstanding,” the complaint says.


A detective noticed that the only bed had no sheet and was only covered by a mattress topper. A set of new sheets that were still in the package was on the kitchen table, sheets that he told investigators his wife had bought from him a week earlier. He said there was a sheet on the bed. He slightly lifted the mattress pad and showed police a fitted sheet under the pad.

When police asked if they could lift the mattress to see if his wife was under it, he said they couldn’t because there were “embarrassing” items under it. Investigators learned that on Aug. 6 he made some purchases: a jar of marinara sauce, a set of sheets, the same brand found on the table, a mattress cover, hydrogen peroxide and an empty spray bottle. Investigating possible disturbances, police eventually learned that a man heard a gunshot around 2:45 a.m. Sunday, but when police responded, they found nothing suspicious.

Investigators later gathered clues to a search warrant at the apartment. When investigators lifted the mattress, they described it as “saturated with human blood.” “There was so much blood on the mattress that the blood soaked into the carpet and the wooden frame,” the complaint states. Using an aerosol that makes visible blood that is usually invisible to the naked eye, investigators found blood throughout the bathtub and some of the floors, “most likely after ‘cleaning’ attempts were made,” the document says.


Police recovered two pistols, one fully loaded and the other missing a round from the magazine. Authorities said he allegedly purchased a 96-gallon wheeled trash can from Lowes. Crime scene investigators found a black and red mop bucket in his apartment, the same mop bucket and mop sold at Lowes in the same hallway as the trash can, according to the document.

Police eventually found the trash can with what appeared to be blood inside. Down a path from where the trash can had been found with the help of a drone from above, police found the victim’s remains after spotting what appeared to be a pillow and something they described as light in color on a concrete floor. 4 to 5 feet. rainwater collector. It appeared he had a gunshot wound to his left temple, according to the complaint.

Family members received the heartbreaking news on Friday morning. They said on a fundraising page that their efforts were shifting from a search to helping police, planning his funeral and transporting his remains back to Utah. “With this update comes great sadness at the thought of Saria being gone from our lives,” the GoFundMe page said. “However, there is some relief in knowing that she has been found.”Read More…….


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