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The attack occurred in the 2800 block of Depla Street, on the city’s west side, where Nájeras and his 74-year-old wife were visiting friends. As they got out of their car, the couple was attacked by two American Staffordshire Terriers that had escaped from their yard. None of the victims have been named, and the surviving female is said to be receiving intensive care. Christian Alexander Moreno the owner of pitbull is now arrested.

When the San Antonio Fire Department arrived on the scene, “dogs were still actively attacking the couple and they attempted to intervene,” police said. An EMS captain was bitten in the leg during the rescue attempt. Moreno is being held on a $125,000 bond. San Antonio Animal Care Services confirmed Saturday that the dogs involved in the incident will be euthanized. A third dog that was present but not involved will also be euthanized.

Firefighters arrived just after 1:45 p.m. m. to what has been described as a “horrific” scene on the west side of the city, where the man was being dragged away by the ferocious animals as emergency services rushed to the scene. The firefighters were forced to intervene with their picks to pull the dogs out and release them.


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The age of Christian Alexander Moreno is 31 years.

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Christian Alexander Moreno Pit bull owner arrested

When they turned the corner, they could see a man dragged by a dog. He was completely bloody before they got out of the truck,” San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said at the scene. ‘This is not normal for us. Normally we don’t have to defend patients from animals or ourselves. The firefighters in this case were very heroic fighting these pit bulls with spikes and pipes to try to get to the patients,” Hood said.

Two people were mutilated with one confirmed fatality who was treated and given blood at the scene, along with a woman in critical condition. Another individual was bitten on the hand and also taken to the hospital. “It’s been a horrible scene and a horrible experience for everyone involved, including the firefighters, which was essentially a rescue to save themselves,” Hood said. Chief Hood said the entire experience had likely “scarred emotionally” the firefighters involved.


“No one expects to go out and fight dogs in a situation like today,” Hood said. Shannon Wade Sims, Director of Animal Care Services for the City of San Antoni, says the dogs were American Staffordshire dogs. ACS officers responded shortly after receiving the call and were able to remove all animals from the property and question the owners.

Neighbors say they had reported bites in the past with multiple calls to the city’s 311 complaint line. The dogs had previously been seized for a “minor bite” in 2021. Other calls made by neighbors in the past two years were concerns about animal neglect and aggression. San Antonio Animal Care Services took all dogs involved and placed them in quarantine kennels, where they will remain until further notice.Read More……

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