Curtis Peyton Austin and Waylon “Joseph” Hannah

previously referred to as “execution-Two teenage suspects in Florida were arrested last year for the murder of two men who were fatally shot inside their home in what the local sheriff style” killings. Curtis Peyton Austin, 16, and Waylon “Joseph” Hannah, 19, were arrested and charged with one count each of first degree murder, armed robbery and grand theft of a firearm in connection with the murders of David “Daniel ” Sigers. and James Michael “Bo” Thomas, authorities announced.

Additionally, Robert Martin Trueblood, 25, was arrested and charged with one count of accessory to first degree murder and one count of evidence tampering. According to Baker County Sheriff Scotty Rhoden, at least two of the suspects entered Sigers’ home on July 30, 2022, where they encountered the two victims, shooting and killing both of them. While at the home, the suspects also allegedly stole several firearms.

Investigators have since determined that there was an alleged dispute between one of the victims and at least one of the suspects, Sheriff Rhoden said during a press conference Friday night. The sheriff did not provide details about what the alleged dispute involved or who may have been involved. When asked if the victims and their alleged assailants had any other connections, Rhoden said one of the victims was dating the mother of the younger suspect.


Curtis Peyton and Waylon Hannah Age

The age of Curtis Peyton Austin and Waylon “Joseph” Hannah is 16 and 19 respectively.

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Curtis Peyton Austin and Waylon “Joseph” Hannah accused of killing mom’s boyfriend

The three suspects are not believed to be biologically related, but Sheriff Rhoden said Austin and Hannah are known to be friends and both live in Baker County. Trueblood, who does not live in Baker County, dated Austin’s sister and the two have “children together,” Rhoden explained. In the immediate aftermath of the murders, Rhoden said investigators would work around the clock to bring the killers to justice. “Make no mistake about it, this was an execution-style murder,” he said during an August 2022 press conference.

Authorities have refused to say whether they know which suspect or suspects were responsible for the shooting that ultimately killed Sigers and Thomas, saying only that the investigation into the murders is ongoing. “I thought it was very important to give our community an update as quickly as possible and to be as transparent as possible.


This was a heinous act of violence that Baker County is not used to,” Rhoden said. “I ask our community to continue to pray for the victims of this crime. They are going to need it because it is still a long process for this family. And we will be with them throughout this process. As sheriff, I will stand with them there and fight for justice for this family.”Read More….

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