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The co-owner of a Kansas newspaper allegedly died as a direct result of the unprecedented police raid on the publication and its staff after they obtained damaging information about a local businesswoman, which the paper refused to publish. Joan Meyer, 98, died after being “stressed beyond her limits and overwhelmed by hours of shock and grief” after police raided her and her son’s home on Friday as part of a Register of the Marion County.

“She had been unable to eat after the police appeared at her doorstep on Friday with a search warrant in hand,” The Record wrote. “She also couldn’t sleep on Friday night.” Joan Meyer was at the house waiting for a Meals on Wheels delivery when police knocked on the door. “She watched with tears in her eyes during the raid as the police not only took her computer…but also went through her son Eric’s personal investment and bank statements to photograph them,” the officer said. newspaper.

Eric, 69, the publisher of the Record, vowed legal retaliation against the city of Marion and those involved in the search, noting that legal experts contacted by the newspaper agreed that the city had violated federal laws and the constitutional rights of his team. “Our first priority is to be able to publish next week,” Meyer said, “but we also want to make sure that no other news organization is exposed to the Gestapo tactics we witnessed today.”


Joan Meyer Age

The age of Joan Meyer was 98 year.

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Joan Meyer cause of death

Along with Meyer’s death, newspapers noted that one of her reporters was injured when an officer took her cell phone from her hand. The raid, carried out by the full force of five city officers and two sheriff’s deputies, came amid a dispute between the newspaper and local restaurant owner Kari Newell.

The Register was allegedly in possession of leaked documents that could have gotten Newell’s liquor license revoked, including evidence that the restaurateur had been convicted of drunk driving and continued to operate a vehicle without a license, the Kansas Reflector reported.


However, the newspaper chose not to report the story and notified police of the situation, believing the documents were released by someone close to Newell’s ex-husband. The businesswoman even claimed at a city council meeting that the newspaper illegally obtained and disseminated the sensitive documents, which is false. The paper ran a story on Thursday to set the record straight, and then came the raid on Friday.

The search warrant against the Registry identifies two pages of items that law enforcement officers were able to seize, including computer software and hardware, digital communications, cellular networks, servers and hard drives, items with passwords, utility records, and all documents and records belonging to Newell. The order specifically targeted ownership of computers capable of being used to “participate in Kari Newell’s identity theft.”

The Marion Kansas Police Department defended its actions, stating that federal protections were not extended to journalists because they were suspected of criminal activity. “The victim [Newell] asks that we do everything the law allows to ensure that justice is done. The Marion Kansas Police Department [will] do nothing less,” the department said in a statement.


John Galer, president of the National Newspaper Association, condemned the raid as a relic of the past and inconsistent with the First Amendment. “Newsroom raids in this country are history,” Galer said in a statement. “Gathering information from newsrooms is a last resort and then done only with subpoenas that protect the rights of everyone involved. “It is unthinkable that a newspaper would be intimidated by an unannounced search and seizure.”Read More……..

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