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A Montana woman was left with a face full of stitches and a piece of her ear bitten off after being attacked by an angry otter while going down a Montana river. Jen Royce and two friends were enjoying a night of peaceful floating down a wide stretch of the Jefferson River near Bozeman Wednesday when the otter descended on them shortly after 8 p.m., the woman recalled on social media.

“I saw an otter right behind my friend before he attacked,” Royce wrote in a Facebook post detailing the ambush. “I didn’t even have a chance to get the words ‘there’s an otter after you’ out of me before he attacked her.” She said the animal was “fierce and relentless” as it pounced on her. “He bit my face in several places, both ears, arms, hands, legs, thighs and ankle,” she wrote. “My friends were bitten on the hands and on the buttocks. A friend’s thumb was crushed and she also has bite marks all over her body.”

Royce explained that they were in a deep stretch of the river during the attack, which prevented the checkers from finding their footing as they tried to defend themselves and gave the otter a huge home-field advantage. The water was definitely where they excelled in their attack and we were helpless. I tried to kick it but they attacked me somewhere else,” she wrote.


“I tried to restrain him at one point by grabbing his arm to keep him away while he tried to swim closer to shore. Once I had my feet under me, I was able to better defend myself and was finally able to get out of the river. He swam away after that.” “Honest God truth, I didn’t think he was going to make it out of that river. I had no idea if my friends were going out. But by the grace of God we did it.”

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The age of Jen Royce is not clear.

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What happened to Jen Royce

When the dust settled, the three friends discovered that they had been separated during the melee of the battle, with Royce bleeding on one bank of the river, another on the opposite, and the third stranded on a rock still in midwater. Unsure if the beast would return to finish what it started, the three decided to stay and call to each other across the water, throwing stones into the river to keep their friend safe from further attack.


One of the friends managed to hold his phone and used the SOS feature on him to call for help. But the group was in such a remote location that dispatchers had trouble determining where to send rescue teams.

“I was covered in blood and it was coming out of my face and nose. It was cold. We were wet. It was dark. We didn’t really have a “good” image of each other because of the distance. All we could do was yell and call each other. To anybody. But we were so damn far. Of whatever. Finally, just under an hour after calling for help, Royce and his friends saw siren lights approaching in the distance. Since the crews still didn’t know exactly where they were, the friend from the opposite bank decided to run and wave to them when Royce was starting to feel very dizzy.

“I was extremely weak and I honestly didn’t know what was happening to my body. With all my heart I didn’t think I wouldn’t wake up if I closed my eyes and passed out.” Paramedics eventually arrived and Royce was airlifted to an emergency room where she underwent surgery. “I have more stitches on my body than I can count,” she said, reciting a long list of the wounds she received on the otter’s paw.Read more………




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