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UNITED KINGDOM: A transgender sex offender has been convicted of raping a friend with ‘his p***s’. This comes just weeks after she was released from prison for being involved in sexual acts with a child. Lexi-Rose Crawford, 24, received a four-year prison term, which she served and was later released. She began identifying as a woman, using a female name and pronoun, in early 2019, shortly after her release from prison, but within a matter of weeks she raped a vulnerable friend.

However, when she was questioned about the incident, she Crawford was quick to say that she suffered blackouts, which triggered her bad memories of her assault. However, she had been convicted of the crime by jurors on Friday, after less than two hours of deliberation.

Lexi Rose Crawford Age

The age of Lexi Rose Crawford is not known.


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Lexi Rose Crawford

Crawford, who used to work as a guitar tech, apparently went ahead and said nothing, as she was convicted of rape and sexual assault. As of now, Crawford has been released on conditional bail, pending sentencing which is scheduled for May 10. The Daily Mail is also reporting that despite the fact that he addressed her with his chosen pronouns during the four-day trial, Crawford will be sent to a men’s prison for her crimes.

Despite the victim making his displeasure known to her several times, Crawford raped her. When asked why she didn’t try to fight Crawford, the victim said: “What could she have done without using physical contact from her to stop her? And so it could have been me who was wrong to use physical contact from her to stop her.”

Prosecutor David Scutt also criticized Crawford for her alleged blackouts, calling it a “convenient excuse”. He asked: “It seems that you can remember the good things, but you can’t remember the bad things.” Are you pretending you can’t remember?Read More…..


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