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A Michigan woman has been charged with the murder of her ‘best friend’ with whom she was in a fight after the couple got into a vicious ‘alcohol fueled’ fight over her man. Raquelle Casillas, 44, of Mussey Township, had allegedly “shared” the same man with a 44-year-old Almont woman, who has yet to be identified. Casillas shared a photo with the caption “My best friend” on Facebook the week before she died. Both women were grinning with black eyes, cuts and bruises at the snap.

When she was asked why both women were badly bruised and scratched, Casillas replied: “We were fighting.” I took her boyfriend. The couple had been fighting over a 44-year-old man from Capac in St. Clair County for days when he reported an assault at his home where the victim was found unconscious.

Raquelle Casillas Age

The age of Raquelle Casillas is 44 years.


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Raquelle Casillas charged with murder of her friend

The Almont woman was taken to McLaren Hospital, where doctors said she suffered a head injury. Two days later she died. Casillas’ father told that he believed the beating had been ‘alcohol fueled’, although he was unable to identify the woman killed or the man the women fought over.

“They had been drinking heavily for a while and I think that probably had something to do with it.” It was definitely the alcohol,’ Carlos Casillas, 67, told of the deadly love triangle.

“When he’s not drinking, he’s a different person, but he started drinking in the last few years, long before the relationship started.” “They probably got along because they were all alcoholics,” he added. Deputies were alerted to the fight at the man’s home in the center of the citation Tuesday around 4 a.m. after the women started fighting over him.


Casillas’s friend was found unconscious on the bathroom floor after being beaten, but she was still breathing when emergency services arrived and took her to the hospital. The 44-year-old victim was taken to McLaren Lapeer Hospital, where she later died from the severe head trauma she sustained on Thursday morning.

Police said the disagreement broke out over his relationship with the man, the argument raging for several days before the shocking death. Casillas has been charged with an open murder charge. She was also denied bail and is currently being held at the St. Clair County Detention and Intervention Center with her next court hearing scheduled for June 20.Read More……

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