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A 10-year-old girl returned home safely this week after facing a cold night alone in the dense wilderness of Washington state. Shughla Mashwani, of Federal Way, Wash. she was found with only minor scratches Monday along Cathedral Rock Trail near Cle Elum after missing about 30 of her family members while hiking, KIRO 7 reported.

Twenty-four hours earlier, Shughla was “suddenly separated and alone” from her family members who had crossed a pedestrian bridge over the Cle Elum River, about 90 miles southeast of Seattle, authorities told the outlet.”She said that she knew it was the right thing to do to follow the river,” the sheriff’s department said in a statement. “She proved to be an extraordinarily resourceful and resilient 10-year-old girl.”

“She was thinking about going to sleep, waking up and finding my mom and dad in the woods,” Shughla told KING 5 of the ordeal. “She was thinking, I’ll find my dad and I’ll keep walking in the woods to find my dad.” Shughla added that she eventually walked down the river and slept between two trees.


Shughla Mashwani Age

The age of Shughla Mashwani is 10 years.

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Shughla Mashwani was missing and found safe

When she first saw the rescuers the next morning, she explained, she was worried that they were actually trying to hurt her. “I think they are thieves and they are going to rob me,” Shughla told KIRO 7. After they kept calling her by her name and showing her photos of her relatives, she finally agreed to go with

A photo of the miraculous discovery shows Shughla riding in an inflatable canoe with two rescue workers. Another snap shows the heartwarming moment she was finally able to hug her father as another smiling relative looked on. “This is a total vindication of the drive to keep this type of call a rescue for as long as possible,” Kittitas County Sheriff’s Inspector Chris Whittsett told KIRO 7, noting that the team was prepared to find out that the girl succumbed to the cold or was swept away by the river.


The massive search effort involved teams from at least seven counties. Shughla and her family came to the United States from Afghanistan two years ago, KING 5 reported. They told the sheriff they visited the Cathedral Rock Trail area because it reminds them of her home country. When she was asked how it felt to be at home in the apartment she shares with her relatives, Shughla said she was “very happy.”Read More…….

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