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On a June afternoon five years ago, Jenifer Faison’s reality was shattered when police kicked in her front door and arrested her husband. As Faison soon found out, husband Spencer Herron was not the perfect man she and others long believed him to be when police charged him with sexually assaulting one of his former students the prior school year.

Now, a new Hulu docuseries examines Herron’s downfall from being named his school’s “Teacher of the Year” to becoming a sexual predator and a serial cheater.

The series, Betrayal: The Perfect Husband, launched Tuesday on the streaming service and features emotional interviews with Faison and other women he had extramarital relationships with, including the 16-year-old student whose tip to police led to Herron’s arrest five years ago.


Spencer Herron Age

The age of Spencer Herron is not declared.

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Where is Spencer Herron is now?

Faison and Herron began dating in college, but broke up when Faison, a year older, broke off their relationship after she graduated. But nearly two decades later, the former lovers rekindled their relationship on Facebook when Faison commented on a college reunion photo of Herron’s 20th birthday, according to ABC News.

Herron and Faison started talking again, and Herron told her that he had just divorced his wife a few years earlier. The couple decided to meet. They then fell in love again, married, and settled in Georgia, where they opened a wine bar together. “Little did I know that she was married to a man who had done something so horrible that it would devastate our lives and change us forever,” Faison said, according to the outlet.


Herron was a video production teacher at Kell High School when he began sexually assaulting one of his students. After the student, only identified as “Rachel,” came forward, the once-beloved teacher was arrested for sexual assault. Ella (she later pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual assault against a student). Days later, Faison gained access to her husband’s email and discovered nude photos of several women, as well as conversations she had with them, revealing that she had been cheating on her a lot.

“I started scrolling down and all of a sudden there’s a picture of a half-naked woman. And then there’s another one and then there’s a different naked woman,” she told ABC, saying she found pictures of “woman after woman” in her “I was living a double life. Who was this predator she was married to? I never would have imagined the scope of what he had done.” Faison turned her grief into a podcast series called Betrayal, which she hoped would empower other women who have been through similar situations.

“Making the podcast was cathartic and kind of painful,” she told The Marietta Daily Journal. “I really tackled some tough issues that are usually swept under the rug. So when I talked to some of the adult women who had affairs with my husband, I actually found empathy for what they went through and the shame they were going through in this experience.”


The series also reveals that Herron was released from prison on parole last year. According to Cobb District Attorney Flynn Broady Jr., who is interviewed during the series, Herron was required to register as a sex offender. Faison said she hasn’t had contact with Herron since her release last year and that she never “plans to do it again.” “Honestly, now that the docuseries is out, I’m sure he’s going to want to stay away from me too,” she said.Read More….….

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